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Hurry! Hurry! Get your child baptised in a Framingham middle school. deflects to

We should write zoning laws to include a religious only zone where we can pack all these idiots into one corner of the city, perhaps close to any sewage disposal plants we may have. No atheists allowed.

Framingham likes their religion in their schools. First a STEM school, then a STEAM school, and now a JSTEAM (J for Jesus, Praise the Lord).

This church is based in Hopkington and claims to be non-denominational but does not include a denomination for Allah.

I came to visit the church being held in the main auditorium at Walsh Middle School on April 28, 2019. When driving in, I saw a few signs and about 4 people directing traffic. It seemed a big todo. When I walked deeper, I sensed that I was recognized. The good pastor from Hopkington and his young side kick preacher (with a mic on his face). I observed a 5-7 person band on the stage making loud unremarkable music. I identified myself. I had previously sent them email but received no response.

I was told the church is renting the school for their worship service in Framingham. I'm allergic to religion and I was starting to gag so I just grabbed free material and left. I felt like placing a paper bag over my head so no one would recognize me. I felt like Eve after she ate the fruit. Ashamed. I forgot to bring my paper bag mask.

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