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Why are schools so expensive?
When you ponder the price for schools, always remember that we have been here as a town for three hundred (300) years.  The costs of schools in Framingham have risen very sharply in the last eight years, thanks to greedy teacher unions and the lack of fiscal controls by the school committee.  Note how we compare in costs to surrounding towns.

  • We have more schools than you can shake a stick at.  Each one requiring principals, janitors, and other staff.
  • We seem to have an enormous number of teachers which reduces our average class size to about 11 students.
  • Our teachers are paid more and more but have failed to produce results commensurate with their higher pay over the years.  Hence, we are being fleeced like sheeps.
  • We provide inexpensive busing ($180 annually) to most students who aren't covered by any requirements of state law.
  • We charge $100 per sport for extracurricular activities which includes free sports uniforms and free busing for all students engaged in after school sports
  • We have quite a few children of illegal aliens in our schools. Their parents pay minimal taxes and you pick up the tab.
  • We also have a number of children from tax exempt SMOC facilities in our schools. You pick up the tab.
Unfortunately, the results of the students have remained stagnant in the same time frame. 

In essence, your costs have gone up sharply, with no results to show for it.  The school committee will tell you that the large number of non-English speaking student population is the root cause of their inability to improve results no matter how much we spend.

At last count, twenty (20%) percent of Framingham students are "special education" (SPED), requiring more personal schooling.  I personally was wondering whether our water supply had high lead levels. 

The goals of the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993 was to:
  • improve educational opportunities for all of our students,
  • ensure our classes are small,
  • ensure our schools structurually sound,
  • ensure our students and faculty accountable and
  • ensure our teachers are thoroughly qualified.

Given all this, how come our SAT scores are going nowhere.

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