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Massachusetts state law stipulates that all children in grades K-6 who live outside a two mile range from their school must be provided with transportation to and from the school. 

All other students not covered by this law may be bused by the town even if it is not required by state law. The town of Framingham spent $4.12 million in 2001 for school transportation. 

The school bus drivers are eligible for health insurance for their 3 hour work day, 90% of it being paid by the town.

The town could charge the parents a $300 fee for busing, but chooses to provide the service for free (Er! at your expense).

On a side note, it might be good for the kids to walk further to control their obesity.  The parents could volunteer to handle crosswalks. In this town, it's probably a unionized occupation requiring a town permit :-)

The Framingham Schools unfortunately are required under state law MGL 76-1 (second paragraph) to provide busing for all parochial students attending local parochial Framingham schools.

School Bussing Fees Revolving Fund
Bussing Fees 263,190
Exp. Contr Srvs, Refunds 4,590
Transportation, Reg Day 250,000
Supplies, Instruction 1,264
Total Expense 255,854
Ending Fund Balance 7,336

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