In the weekly news letter dated 20240421 from our stupid/moronic jewish mayor , his obese wife and his propaganda minister
I see an article on Passover . It's written in a cutesy way but it neglects certain facts.

Passover is in the beginning of the Exodus .

Yahweh tells Moses to tell the jews to paint their door with lambs blood so that the ever petulant jewish god Yahweh, the true devil
decides to kill all the Egyptian first born, thus showing off how big his dick is. . He passes over the blood stained houses thus killing only the Egyptian babies..

These jewish assholes are actually celebrating a genocide .

I will be delighted to talk about his Passover issue with the mayor, his obese wife, and other alleged jewish experts and idiot friends on the council .
The discussion will focus on any evidence of the Exodus

Meanwhile, these jewish creationists morons deny

But, on the other hand, they do believe in the Biblical Talkies

It's a shame I don't believe in their alleged holocaust . I'd celebrate it on April 20th.

If we are indeed to believe in the Passover story of liberation and freedom of two million jewish slaves, then let us celebrate the death of six million jews in their holocaust as part of God's Divine Plan

I do find extremely offensive that our idiot mayor, with the consent of the Framingham council are pushing a lie about their bullshit religion using public funds.

BTW, is our asshole mayor allowing Framingham DPW to plow church/jewish temple parking lots?

If the council does not stop that idiot jew mayor, I'll have to call in the Freedom From Religion Foundation

If our police chief doesn't stop that idiot jew mayor from peddling his assinine religion at public expense....
well, I guess I'm going to have to classify Mr. Baker as a black jew in support of this fraud. Framingham's first black jew.

I suggest to all jews in Framingham not to use a church or a temple to discuss public business. This is in violation of the first amendment.

I've seen photos of our government officials discussing government in churches. I will make inquiries with the IRS about this .

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