Letter from www.accessfram.tv kicking the Rizolis off the air

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July 21, 2014
From James & Joseph Rizoli
94 Pond St
Framingham, MA 01702-8116

Reply to Access Framingham Hearing complaint Report
dated June 18, 2014.

We have received your letter against us and we are appealing the judgment on multiple grounds.

One being these judgments are a violation of our Constitutionally protected rights of freedom of speech and in direct violation of established policy granted by the FCC that protects cable programing to produce programing that entails:


"Criticism, Ridicule, and Humor Concerning Individuals, Groups, and Institutions. The First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech similarly protects programming that stereotypes or may otherwise offend people with regard to their religion, race, national background, gender, or other characteristics. It also protects broadcasts that criticize or ridicule established customs and institutions, including the government and its officials. The Commission recognizes that, under our Constitution, people must be free to say things that the majority may abhor, not only what most people may find tolerable or congenial........

That being the fact, we feel the board of directors had only two decisions to make in their judgments.

  • Ask us to fix the so called trivial complaints which we did, but we would NOT change content, because that material is protected under FCC rules quoted above.

  • Move the shows to "safe haven". Those were your two options.We don't agree with that either. Because we are still dealing with the shows content.

      Other issues:

      Jim & Joe Rizoli are separate individuals and the complaints filed should have been taken as individual member complaints with separate hearings, as we have separate memberships.

      Since most of the complaints centered around controversial Jewish historical issues the board showed great prejudice by having Howard Newell and those that think like him serve on that committee. We feel his input on this committee was highly prejudicial as he is part of the Jewish conspiracy to silence the Rizolis shows being a member of temple Beth Am and was in attendance at the 2010 meeting where the ADL speaker Derek Shulman admitted that the ADL was "working being the scenes"with FPAC board members targeting the Rizois shows and trying to influence the Jewish community, and the Cable station board of directors to move our shows to a later time slot in "safe harbor".

      What they did at that meeting was a CONSPIRACY between the ADL, the Jews in the community, the FPACTV board of directors and FPAC personal. We also have a printed letter stating that conspiracy and collusion. Also the current president of the FPAC board, Bill Rabkin videotaped that event with the help of Howard Newell. We find it highly suspicious that they would eventually make it to the FPAC board of directors in the year 2013.


      Regarding page 6 of the hearing report, also called the abstract report, under major violations, we consider this accusation "falsifying documents" slanderous and defamatory because no intent to falsify anything was done in any of our shows in particular. The accusation that we had program content that had "indecent, profane and patently offensive content" is again protected by free speech established by the FCC. ALL content in our shows is PROTECTED under FCC RULES and your opinion of what is "indecent, profane and patently offensive content" has no bearing on our cable production.

      You state that we have "a substantial pattern of multiple violations" which again is ALL CONTENT related and thus protected by the FCC rules dealing with freedom of speech.

      As to your minor violations, we said we would fix those issues and feel that should not warrant a removal from all production for 18 months, a totally mean spirited decision.

      We have a problem with Bill McColgan being a signatory on MOST of the complaints.

      He shouldn't be making the complaints but taking the complaints.

      On page 5 of the hearing report out of the ten complaints on that page, Jim Pillsbury’s complaint was thrown out, three complainants didn’t show up and their complaints were based on our shows CONTENT. The Ellison complaint, who actually did show up, was again based on our shows content, protected by FCC rules regarding free speech. The five complaints by Bill McColgan were frivolous and mean spirited, only there to stack the deck to add to the"substantial multiply complaint violations" and again CONTENT RELATED, protected by frees speech rules of the FCC. Other complaints were procedural and minor which we said we would fix, even though there is still some confusion as to some particulars and interpretation.

      In conclusion:

      Cable can not regulate CONTENT of cable shows. We have shown that in all the complaints other than content, that we would work to fix any problem associated with procedural problems. The 18 month suspension obviously is an attempt to stop our free speech by a certain Jewish segment in the community. As to free thought we would like all of you to remember what country we live in:

      "If there is any principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls for attachment than any other it is the principle of free thought, not free thought for those who agree with us but freedom for the thought that we hate" Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

      Hopefully we can resolve these issues.

      Jim & Joe Rizoli

Letter from www.accessfram.tv denying their appeal

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