Meet the Board of Directors

It should be noted that all these people deserve an inoperable tumor at the base of their spine. If there had really been a merciful god, these idiots should have been thrown screaming from a helicopter right after their births.

Bill Rabkin
12 Tally Ho Lane
Framingham, MA 01702

A resident of Framingham since 2006, Bill Rabkin (a jewboy, kike or hebe) recently retired after a long professional career as a software product manager and technical evangelist at several established companies and startups. He attended MIT and earned his undergraduate degree at Boston University. In 2008, Bill joined Access Framingham, where he now produces or directs several programs each month, including Framingham Library Concert, Temple Beth Am Brotherhood Breakfast, Travels with Jack, The Real Estate Show, and Shirley Presents..., as well as other events and "specials." Bill was elected to the Board in 2009, and served as Vice President before being elected President in 2011.

Bill Rabkin is a rabbid jewish bigot.

David Eells
Vice President
31 Carter Drive
Framingham, MA 01701

A resident of Framingham since 2005, David Eells has spent his a career as TV production professional. David joined the Board of Access Framingham in 2010, and enjoys producing hyperlocal content for the Framingham Beat.

Doug Freeman
28 Hodder Lane
Framingham, MA 01702

Given how religion poisons everything, until such time that he clearly states his religion, if any, I have to assume he is an extraordinarily biased and bigotted malicious christian zionist pig who wants to protect the jewish holocaust . Given how badly he wanted to get the Rizoli brothers off the air , it seems the only conclusion I can reach. In addition, he clearly makes a stand on freedom of speech here, which will be used against him in future statements.

Have you ever seen Doug and his wife together? Do these two people fuck? Is it structurally possible for these two people to achieve penatration? Perhaps they're in that Cirque De Soleil and use a trapeze.

Brenda Thompson Stuckey

Brenda's experience in local cable television began when she was speaking with her pastor, Rev J. A. Anthony Lloyd, Greater Framingham Community Church (GFCC) about putting his sermons on television. She thought she was encouraging him to be in front of the camera, but his plan was for her to get behind it. He asked her to go down to Access Framingham and take some courses and see if she could learn to film the show for herself. With that, Brenda signed up for a church membership, and encouraged other members of GFCC to join her. They took all of the classes offered and the team has been filming, logging and editing to create the program the "GFCC Hour of Blessing" since February 2013. In addition, Brenda has volunteered to be a crew participant on a variety of shows like The Framingham Beat, Travels with Jack, The Real Estate Show with Nelson Zide, Framingham Library Concert Series and other projects. Brenda has been employed at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates for the past 15 years in Human Resources, focusing on Employment, Diversity & Inclusion. She hopes to use her expertise to assist with any employment related issues and to stir up the mix to ensure all voices are heard and included in programming.

The GFCC's pastor (Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd) is a fat black dude who, given his weight seems to be skimming a lot off the top of donations.

Brenda is a really stupid black woman who endorses an imaginary god that endorses misogyny and slavery. That's true idiocy. A true moron in our midst. . She's just a special kind of stupid nigger.

I can not adequately describe the increase in worldwide textile demand caused when the garments were produced for this lumbering beast. I'm not saying she's fat, but she looked as she had been poured into her clothes and had forgotten to say "when".

If she has a daughter, she might want to sell her into slavery
see Exodus 21:7-11, for details.

Edward Council
725 Salem End Road
Framingham, MA 01702

A resident of Framingham since 1985, Ed Council has and continues to run multiple small business with his wife, Bridget McManus including a corporate graphic design studio and a residential landscape design firm. Separately, he runs his own small business - Timberfield Systems - whose focus is now on professional audio services and rental. His passion is sound design for community theater productions, for which he won an EMACT Dash award in 2012. Finally, he oversees the operation of his family farm back in north central Illinois. Ed became active with Access Framingham through his connection with the Framingham Rotary Club and their Auction. In fact, that connection predates Access Framingham and goes back to those days when the station was under Comcast's management and operation. Beside working on the Rotary Auction, Ed has helped with video shoots for Political Discussion and other shows as crew members are needed. Ed was elected to the Board in 2012.

Michael Cunningham
28 Edith Road
Framingham, MA 01701

Michael has been active in Public Access since 1999. He previously served on the board of directors for PACTV in Plymouth, MA. He moved to Framingham in 2003 and has been active in a number of local productions including Jim Pillsbury Live, Mass After Dark and several specials. Since joining the Board of Framingham Public Access Corporation in 2007, he has taken part in a number of areas, including signal quality, Access Framingham branding, strategic planning, budgets, and programming issues. Since becoming a father to 3 children, Michael's time is mostly spent with his family, but he still finds time to help out AF-TV and volunteer on productions when he can.

David Hornfisher
29 Arch Street
Framingham, MA 01702

Dave is an avid Red Sox fan and plays at golf and senior softball in addition to being a fan of most styles of contemporary music. He is a board member/Treasurer at Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham, where he co-founded and now hosts the monthly Amazing Comedy Mique Show. He is also a board member of the BoSox Club, the fan club of the Red Sox. A graduate of Trinity College (For Church And Country) in Hartford CT, he holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts. Dave retired in 2009 after 25 years as the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance/Treasurer at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He also served from 1996-1999 as a member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Commission on Institutions of Higher Education that accredits all colleges in New England, and has served on many campus review teams. In addition to Berklee, he formerly worked with General Electric, Amherst College, and the Connecticut Junior Republic School. He lives in Framingham with his wife Elsa, with whom he co-authored Mother Knew Best, wit and wisdom from the moms of celebrities, and Father Knew Best, wit and wisdom from the dads of celebrities, published by Penguin/Plume. They have two children and five grandchildren.

Howard Newell
982 Pleasant Street
Framingham, MA 01701

A Framingham resident (a jewboy, kike or hebe) since 1968, Howard is an attorney and former President of the Metro West Bar Association, as well as past president of the Temple Beth Am Brotherhood. A member of the Board of Directors of the Alliance for MetroWest Unity since its founding 21 years ago, Howard was instrumental in partnering with Access Framingham on coverage of the annual John P. Garrahan Community Breakfast honoring students for leadership in diversity. Howard has a successful background in fundraising, radio hosting, and athletics, having captained the Boston University men's rowing team.

Howard Newell is a rabbid jewish bigot.

Jim Pillsbury
10 Yorks Road
Framingham, MA 01701

Jim's cable experience began with Cablevision in Framingham many years ago when he learned how to run a camera for the taping of Town Meeting. In 2002, with the help of some great volunteers, Jim produced and hosted Jim Pillsbury Live completing 200 live call-in shows from 2002 to 2006 with over 400 guests. During that time Jim and his team added a live Rock & Roll band and shot some of the live programs shows in the summers. Over the years, he has run a camera for the Concerts on the Common, and in 2010 and 2012 started back up Jim Pillsbury Live , as well as a show called Wicked Green, discussing organic gardening, recycling and renewable energy. Jim has also been an elected board member for 2 years, and has spent time making the studio more productive along with monitoring the quality of member-produced TV shows.

Given how religion poisons everything, until such time that he clearly states his religion, if any, I have to assume he is an extraordinarily biased and bigotted malicious christian zionist pig who wants to protect the jewish holocaust . Given how badly he wanted to get the Rizoli brothers off the air , it seems the only conclusion I can reach. In addition, he clearly makes a stand on freedom of speech here, which will be used against him in future statements.

The notion that this shithead was willing to waste his evening to drive 4 miles to the AccessFram meeting (and back) and spend two hours of his life in that meeting just to passionately tell the AccessFram board that Jim Rizoli accidentally uttered a curse word in of his shows, makes it very unambiguous that he should be aggregated in the stupid scum sucking Christian zionist pig corner in my religious politic book. I would have expected better of him, but I am always disappointed when it comes to religion. The fact that he is a member of the AccessFram board filing a complaint is just another nail in his political coffin. Any reasonably intelligent person might conclude that this is a conflict of interest for a member of the board to file a complaint, but Jim Pillsbury clearly lacks intelligence, ethics, humanity and compassion to others. Worst yet, he clearly and unambiguously has no respect for the freedom of speech of others.

Lauren Taylor-Fernandes


Master of Arts, Spanish and French from Boston College (Finding God In All Things) Bachelor of Arts, French; Spanish and secondary education from Framingham State College. Adjunct faculty Framingham State University This idiot can say the same thing in three languages.

She had a show on Nazi Occupation and Resistance Movement in France During WWII Through the Medium of Film

Bill McColgan
Executive Director
Idiot Extraordinaire

Bill has more than twenty years experience in media, including management and front line experience in broadcast news, sports television, and community access programming. Bill has taught college courses in broadcast journalism and the role of the media. At Access Framingham, he has launched new programming and training initiatives focused on community news reporting.

Bill previously worked as Executive Producer and Director of Programming Development for The Comcast Network, serving the Eastern Seaboard. In that capacity, Bill developed sports programming and event coverage, and negotiated rights contracts and marketing agreements with professional teams, universities, athletic conferences, and event promoters in multiple markets on the East Coast from Maine to Virginia. During the launch of the network in New England, Bill was responsible for selection of staff, oversight of studio and remote production, and creation of strategic partnerships with universities and teams in the area. At Comcast he created an Emmy-winning nightly series covering New England professional and collegiate sports. Bill also developed strong ties with high school athletic associations, negotiating exclusive television rights deals for state championships, and creating specials on sportsmanship and educational athletics. Prior to joining Comcast, Bill worked as Director of News and Public Affairs for AT&T Broadband, overseeing nightly news and political issues programming throughout a four-state region, including hyper-local nightly newscasts in under-served markets.

A graduate of Stanford University, Bill also has an MBA from Boston College (Finding God In All Things) and professional experience as an actor and singer. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters.

This idiot filed complaints against Jim Rizoli's shows from anonymous people to kick the Rizolis off the air.

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