Margareth Shepard, who was elected Nov. 7 to represent District 7 on the City Council, is being celebrated by Brazilian media outlets as the first Brazilian immigrant elected to a city council in the United States.

Shepard moved to Framingham from her native Brazil in 1992. She spoke no English and began working alongside cousins as a babysitter and house cleaner. A year later, she started her own company, Golden Cleaners, which she still runs.

"We have a large Brazilian population in Framingham and still we don't have much participation in the government," said Shepard, who became an American citizen more than a decade ago. "And not because we don't want to as a community, because we don't know how and we don't have the network."

Golden Cleaners
169 Arthur St,
Framingham, MA 01702
(508) 875-3038
She'll clean our clocks real good as she cleans out our gold.

Who is we?

It's pretty clear she was an illegal alien that probably used false documents to become a US citizen. She really should be truthful but chances are she's too much of a cretin.

She neglects to say why Brazilians don't have participation in our government. She's being evasive and untruthful. The vast majority (80%) of Brazilians are illegal aliens in our sanctuary city. Basically, these people felt that there are better opportunities here in Framingham than in that retarded state of Brazil.

The women folk of illegals are usually in the cleaning business, nail salons, one of them became a council member. Some become hookers. The men folk are roofers and painters.

One wonders whether she has allegiance to Brazilians or american citizens. Can she differentiate between an illegal and a citizen? I'm betting NOT!.

I'd like to know her real hair color. There is evidence of a dye job.

She has no understanding (or even any desire to understand) the huge cost of the children of illegals in our schools .

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