Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Liberal Speak Translator
Affirmative Action
Government sponsored discrimination.
Framingham is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer. You may find some examples of ebonics useful for translation purposes.

Used as a code word designating philosophies, political platforms, goals or beliefs that threaten the liberal establishment, e.g. Bush Agenda
A descriptor applied to American industries that attempts to equate Bigness and wealth as a negative, e.g. Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Money.  Strangely enough, it is never aplied to Big Government or Big Unions.
A condition that liberals suffer from when asked to make cuts in expenses. All services are seen as critical, crucial and vital.
Budget Cut
A cut never means an actual budget reduction, but rather a reduction in the rate of growth of a government program...since in the liberal lexicon, it is inconceivable that any government expense (with the exception of the military) can be reduced without disastrous consequences.
Children (The)
A term used to garner support to raise taxes, fees, and other governmental levies on taxpayers to benefit the children
Civility (being civil)
A liberal code word used to suppress opinions that are not supported by the liberal community. It's the liberal equivalent to the the Jewish term anti-semetic. You are not being civil if you are expressing an idea distasteful to liberals. It is the primary tool used by liberals to violate your First Amendment rights. It's true meaning is Shut The Fuck Up .
What the government engages in when it wants to lie to the public.
The concept that diversity in sexual orientation, color, race, religion, language, and ethnic origin of the populace is more desirable than an electorate that generally agrees on the political, cultural and spiritual direction of the nation. The idea is keep various groups in conflict with one another to divide and conquer the enemies of Socialism. The term also strongly encourages illegal immigration. It is pushed relently by the stupid jewish community. The jews cannot survive in a homogeneous non-jewish population because of their arrogance.
Draconian Cut
A cut in a governmental budget of more than 1%. A draconian cut can only mean three things....our children will become retarded, civilization as we know it will collapse, and the huns will attack.
Economically disadvantaged
Poor people who live in slums (see Sub-standard housing)
In the liberal lexicon, education refers only to tax-supported education controlled by teachers unions, and teachers who teach liberal ideology and homosexuality (diversity). School choice, favored by 90% of blacks in places such as the District of Columbia, for example is detested by the left...especially the option of attending private Christian schools and colleges.
The concept that every person, U.S. citizen or not has a right to receive welfare, health and other benefits funded by the U.S. taxpayers. It is simply a manisfestation of Socialism and the forced redistribution of income from the people who earn it to the people who do not, based on the who the government deems to be needy or deserving.
This word does not exist or has no meaning in liberal terminology.
Anyone who has political, social, or religious views which are counter to those of liberals, socialists and communists.
Failed plan
A term applied to U.S. military strategy. It is never applied to The War on Cancer, The War on Drugs, The War on Terror, The War on Poverty, The Great Society or other programs that have truly wasted untold trillions.
Food Stamps
Taxpayer food for the needy, often used to buy cigarettes, cosmetics and Twinkies.
Used only in reference to accept liberal initiatives and viewpoints, e.g. the freedom to choose an abortion. It is never used in the broad sense, e.g. the freedoms guaranteed to all U.S. citizens in the Constitution and discussed in the Federalists Papers.
Gun control
Seeks to make it all but impossible to own firearms despite the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The theory is that taking guns out the hands of the public will reduce crime. No one tells the criminals about this.
Health Care for all
A less threatening term for socialized medicine. If you think health care is expensive now, wait till it's free.
A protected class of individuals composed substantially of people who have refused help and shelter because of drug/alcohol addiction. Liberals protect them to use as examples of the failure of the market economy to provide a home and income to all citizens.
Investment in our future
Tax funds used to support a new education program is called an Investment in our future rather than what it actually is...a new program and a new tax burden. It is mostly used in the context of invest in our chiuldren which basically means invest in the teachers union.
Habitual laziness; sloth. Inactivity resulting from a dislike of work. This word is rarely found in liberal dictionaries.
Level funding
A five percent increase in a program.
Mean spirited
Any action to amend or improve benevolence programs.
Minimum Wage
A living wage. Such laws interfere in the free enterprise system by mandating compensation to be paid by employers instead of letting employees and employers negotiate mutually acceptable compensation.
Neutralize someone
What the police do when they accidentally kill someone.
Physically challenged
Cripple, handicapped (also called Handicapable)
Political Correctness
A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that .... it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."
A measurement of public opinion that is repeated with slanted question long enough until it delivers the findings the liberal media is looking for. If a poll finds that tax cuts and smaller government are wanted, the results are ignored.
Prader-Willi client
A glutton. People who have Prader-Willi syndrome will eat until they become immobile, then utilize liberal enablers to continue gorging themselves. Eventually, they get fed by the state for free.
As in a progressive tax. A tax that mostly taxes the rich. See Regressive
Allows disqualified people to find jobs in government.
As in a regressive tax. A tax that mostly taxes the poor. See Progressive
An absurd notion that taxpayers should fund those descendants of slaves even if the taxpayers were not even born back then.
Anyone making more than $40,000 a year.  The top 50% of taxpayers (those making $27,000 or above) pay 96% of all income taxes.
The belief that testing or other means for measuring educational achievement may be detrimental to a student's self-esteem.  Lowering standards so students are equated to the lowest common denominator.
Severe appearance deficits
Ugly people
Slash and burn
What a liberal thinks you want to do to the government when you want to trim it's budget to meet expected revenues.
Sub-standard housing
Slums, the part of the inner city where the Economically disadvantaged (poor people) live.
Step backward
A code phrase for actions, or the contemplation of actions that reduce funding for a government program. In the liberal world, government programs are only expanded, and never scaled back regardless of how wasteful, fraudulent, or inffective they are.
Tax cut for the rich
Since the rich pay all the taxes, a tax cut would most likely benefit the rich.
Undocumented immigrant
Illegal alien
Itinerant sperm donor
Unwilling sperm recipient
Rape victim
An individual's abdication of all personal responsibility makes him a victim.
The failure of diplomacy.

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