Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

A Vote for Katherine Murphy is a Vote for Higher Taxes

Katherine Murphy was the co-founder of the organization Citizens for a Strong Framingham and is now a candidate for Selectman.  Her organization was the driving force behind the 2002 operational override when state aid peaked at over $27 million.  Think about this for a moment. The state sends us over $27 million (mostly unsolicited aid) and Katherine Murphy says that's not enough for Framingham, so she helps to organize a group to dig deeper into your pockets.  And she boasts about it as though this was a marvelous thing to do. 

So what happened to that $7 million override for which each household will pay $275 a year for the rest of their lives?  Why are we making cuts this year and next year?   Where did our money go?

Remember how the override was going to save Stapleton? Now, it's possible that Juniper Hill will also close.  Send email to KEMRN8@rcn.com ( Katherine Murphy ) and ask her why.

Her platform is "we just don't have an override in us at this time" and "I am committing my energy and experience on the FinCom to the job".  The FinCom predicted years ago that we would experience this downturn in the market.  She never changed anything to make a difference in our financial stance.

While she criticizes the charter school, she has placed one of her two children in it.  This is indicative that she seems to believe that the Framingham School system under Phil Dinsky's School Committee is failing the education mandate.

Send her a clear signal.  Just say no to Murphy.  If you yes to Murphy, plan on higher taxes before the end of the year.  She'll be delighted to make more of your money disappear.  It's your call! 09/14/2005 Meeting with Mayor of Valadares "I'm constantly around town, and I don't have people saying to me, 'This is a scary place to live' or 'I feel afraid here.' I just don't," Murphy said at a Board of Selectmen's meeting two weeks ago.

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