I cannot believe we pay Mr. Tremblay over $250,000 a year to act the way he did concerning these notes to a muslim student.

First, Robert Tremblay used the phrase you know way too many times. I was cured of that problem at 15 by my mother who made fun of me. If she were still alive, she would make fun of Tremblay.

First he stated

We will not accept hate. We will stand united against it.

Then he brings in a pack of village idiots called our hate mongering interfaith clergy with their really inane esoteric beliefs . These are the very same morons who preach the hatred that caused that girl to receive those I hate you notes.

He calls these notes a hate crime. When is any crime not a hate crime. Can you list crimes that do not involve hate?

Are we not allowed to hate muslims and jews and catholics? Their holy books clearly and unambiguously state that unbelievers (atheists and those who worship others gods) should be killed. Pick a holy book. Torah / Quran , etc... They're all the same.

The Torah and Quran are the primary sources of misogyny, homophobia, support for slavery, violence, cruelty, sheer ignorance and general hate. Can you identify a better source? And our school superintendent supports them. Thanks a lot Robert.

To even suggest that there exists an imaginary creature that created us is to ignore the last 600 years of scientific advancements. This is not what a school superintendent getting paid over $250,000 a year should be suggesting. This kind of takes my breath away.

Could Mr. Tremblay show me evidence of god? Not likely. He perpetuates this religious stupidity on behalf of our students.

I do not want to hear about religion anywhere in our schools in any context.

This is all fake news and really old news.

First minor steps would be to

  1. teach the children the difference between an assertion and evidence if you can. Religion is based on assertions without a shred of evidence. If you cannot teach them this concept, its time for a new school supertintendent.

  2. throw out every "alleged holy book" and derivatives of every monotheistic religion out of our school libraries or place them in the fiction category or some garbage can.

  3. stop playing the pledge of allegiance that contains the name of that mythical creature called god.

    Besides that, notice that way too many Framingham school students don't speak english at home. You think they have an allegiance to this country? . I think not! I'm waiting for the pledge to be said in portuguese to the Brazilian flag. I can see that coming.

Earlier, Mr. Tremblay was giving his lecture on twelve jews killed in Pittsburgh. A cursory reading of their Torah clearly states that jews should kill (in a most unpleasant way) anyone who is non-jewish. Read the book. Apparently, Tremblay is OK with the hate spewed out in the Torah . Now he supports the hatred in the Quran. and defends muslims, whose holy book, says that muslims should kill, whip, behead, mutilate or enslave anyone not muslims. . Just read the book. Watch what's happening in London. Tremblay should ask that bearded uncle of the girl the penalty for apostasy or blasphemy. Death for deciding that Allah does not fit your needs for an imaginary god.

In Saudi Arabia, the source of Islam, as an atheist, I am classified as a terrorist. According to the Quran, atheists like myself deserve death (Surah 6:93).

If every jew, muslim and christian died, I'd be a happy man. If every jew, muslim and christian abandoned their stupid religion, I'd be a happier man.

One group of idiots pray in the direction of The Kaaba which holds a meteorite and other artifacts, while the other major group prays to a mythical carpenter nailed to two pieces of wood.

No member of our city council or school committee would dare state clearly which imaginary god they supported and our closeted atheists would zip their lips in fear of retributions from imaginary creatures. Our current pantheon of gods consists of YAHWEH, Jesus, Allah and many others.

I am patiently waiting for anyone of you to show me one stupid little god. Why don't these gods speak for themselves?

Until that happens, keep this stupid creature you call god out of our schools.

Any religion that demands earthly vengeance and retribution for any reason is not a religion at all, but a mental illness and should be treated as such.

I challenge any of our women folk to visit Saudi Arabia for yourselves. If Islam gets bigger in Framingham, we'll have you women in black bags looking like postal boxes in no time.

I challenge Tremblay to visit Mecca during the Hajj. He won't be allowed.

All of you are looking like our first (idiot) judge in Framingham, David W. Cunis who supposedly states that proof must be beyond a reasonable doubt. He is so full of shit.

I took note of several police cruisers at Hemenway, and that tells me that our police chief is in on this bullshit. Good to know.

Feel free to charge me with blasphemy so I can focus national attention to this bullshit. I will call YAHWEH, Jesus Christ and Allah to court.

I will be delighted to address the school committe on these issues if you so desire.

In the words of Bugs Bunny (for which we have much more evidence),

What a bunch of maroons.

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