This seemingly interesting information came to me in the mail.

Sent by someone that seems to know a lot of insiders.

The nature of the information seems to be on financial waste.
My specialty.

I have no idea as to how accurate this information is, but the anonymous source is working at town hall. Could be Halpin for all that I don't know.


Assistant Highway Director Kate Voorhees is the god-daughter of DPW 
Director Peter Sellers.  She was quickly moved up the ladder from 
entry level admin to an Assistant Director position, working under 
Danny Nau.  Kate's family's business, "Voorhees Technology" 
also is a supplier to DPW.  Not sure, but this may be an issue with 
the MA Conflict of Interest Law. 

On a similar note, DPW Director Peter Sellers will be retiring as 
well as Fleet Director, Fred Davies.  It is planned for Danny Nau to 
become DPW Director, his current Assistant Kate will become Director. 
 Also there are talks that Highway will take over management of the 
Fleet Division Is this a good move considering the very frequent 
turnover of employees who work or have worked under Danny Nau?

DPW very recently did an entire remodel of their building's kitchen 
which was unnecessary spending thousands of dollars.  It contains all 
new cabinetry, 2 ovens, 2 fridges, new counters, flooring, etc. 

Let's Visit the CFO's Office, Shall we? 


*  	She earns over $120K with recent pay raise.
*  	She has an Assistant CFO.
*  	She also has (2) other employees working for her; one of 
which is a former DPW employee who slides over into her own office.  
Other employee at front entry desk, nobody really knows what her key 
job functions are except say "Mary Ellen is away from her 
office."  Oh and let's not forget her family is political and 
works in two other Town departments.  
* How many Town CFOs have the personnel support this CFO has?  Yes, 
Framingham is a large Town but come on!  
* The entire CFO "wing" is completely new and remodeled along 
with new furniture. 
* A few years back, she had an oversight in her calculations and it 
exceeded $1 million.  Quite an error for a CFO with a team, don't 
ya think?
* She is known Town-wide for "not being available for meetings on 
* She spends 70% of her day talking about her personal life. 
* Directors have questioned how she suddenly has leftover money to 
pass off to "favored departments" after budgets have been 
finalized.  Was it hiding someplace such as the unemployment fund or 
* She skips meetings - disappears with her Assistant CFO, habitually 
late unless it's with the Town Manger.  And has been spotted by DPW 
and school personnel at home mowing her lawn in some instances where 
she was scheduled to attend meetings. 
* She makes unprofessional comments of several Town Meeting members, 
especially Harold Wolfe, James Pillsbury and Herb Chasen.  Not to 
mention a few State Representatives, who later she brown-noses around 
to obtain funding for the Town.
* Town Hall employees can attest to the fact that she drops several 
"F-Bombs" and uses very vulgar language. 
* The Gold Question is how does she justify budget approval for all 
the fairly recent, newly created positions that never existed within 
Town Hall - yet, didn't impact operations?
* It's a tragedy for the taxpayers of this Town!

June 23, 2016

State Ethics Commission
Enforcement Division
One Ashburton Place, Room 619
Boston, MA 02108-1501

Dear State Ethics Commission,

A few of us are current Town of Framingham employees and we want to 
discretely bring a matter to your attention.  Framingham Town Manger, 
Robert Halpin and Public Information Officer, Nicole Figueiredo 
are/have been violating the Conflict of Interest Law.  Town Manager 
created Nicole's "Public Information Officer" position which 
recruits weekly employee volunteers to work at Pearl Street Cafe and 
Cupboard via email requests on the Town's network.  This is run by 
United Way (Framingham) and ironically, United Way's executives 
donate to a few Town initiatives such as the Boys and Girls Club.  
Nicole does not promote any other charitable organization in Town 
except United Way's Pearl Street Cafe.  Salvation Army and various 
other organizations are intentionally excluded.  This is a political 
move for funding purposes by Town Manager, Halpin and Mrs. 

Additionally, Mrs. Figueiredo is utilizing her position for personal 
gains.  She operates a side business which is consulting businesses 
in creating webpages, etc.  She has been spotted by a Town employee 
creating a website for Foodies Cafe (a Framingham business) on Town 
time!  This is clearly not part of her position responsibilities and 
she may be doing it for a few other businesses.  Her salary is 
excessively high and taxpayers would be furious to all this news.  
That's why we are initially bringing this to your attention before 
going to the press.   Thank you.


Michael Tusino III, has been reported to the Commonwealth's 
Conflict of Interest Board.  Tusino utilized his position as Building 
Commissioner to obtain housing for his brother-in-law, Robert J. 
Folkerts with the Framingham Housing Authority.  At the time, there 
were several folks on the waiting list and Mr. Folkerts cut ahead of 
them all. 

Tusino has also been spotted abusing usage of the Town vehicle 
allotted to him. Running personal errands, road trips, etc.  He also 
shuttles his wife to work in this vehicle from Milford to Framingham 
on a daily basis.  Mrs. Tusino is also a Town of Framingham employee. 
 I'm quite certain that he is breaking the rules of Town vehicle 
use policy ... if such a policy even exists. 

As you recall, the former Building Commissioner, Mike Foley, was 
dismissed from his position only after public exposure from TV's 
investigative reporter, Joe Shortsleeve.  Prior to this, the Town 
"overlooked" Foley's longtime abuse of workday/taxpayer's 
money.  It has been said frequently, that during that time, Tusino 
(who was the Assistant Commissioner) had no respect for Foley and 
called him dishonest.  Ironically, Tusino is following in his 

Tusino's department has expanded their office space on the 3rd 
floor of Town Hall.  The office space was very costly: Demo of walls, 
all new carpeting, modular work stations, custom designed counter and 
more.  It has been rumored that Tusino "Gets what he wants at Town 
Hall, as Town Manager Halpin won't say 'No' to him."  Yet the 
Board of Health Inspectors that were moved under Tusino's managing 
authority have been removed from him ... due to failure to do an 
effective job. 

Tusino also made some poor employee hiring changes within his 
department.  His former Office Manager, Mary Tiziani retired and 
Tusino brought in Danelly (last name?).  Thereafter, it was 
discovered she couldn't handle Tiziani's job functions, 
especially the accounting/invoicing aspect, so another employee was 
brought in by the name of Shirley Tibberts.  Ms. Tibberts was working 
in the Accounting Department and was anxious to get out as she 
didn't like her boss, Nancy Lomas.  

Tusino most recently hired James Demeo as a favor to Demeo's 
father, who is a Town employee working in the Facilities Department.  
It was said that James had no administrative office or relevant 
experience prior to being hired by Tusino.  He did an internship for 
Tusino's wife, Robin Tusino, in the HR Department.  Ms. Tusino has 
expressed much dissatisfaction with James to a few Town employees 
stating that "James is useless.  He wears his headphones all day 
and he won't find a job!"  

The question the taxpayers in Framingham need to ask themselves is 
"Why should Tusino be allowed to create his own hiring 
practices?"  And "Why didn't HR Director, Ms. Hamilton prevent 
Tusino from hiring James Demeo ... especially after she witnessed 
first hand that he lacked skills and wasn't a good worker while he 
interned in her depart???!!!"


Very recently, a Town of Framingham employee, Ashley Borges of 
Facilities was handed a $10,000 pay increase without any additional 
position responsibilities or changes.  Reason being is that she 
presented an offer letter she received from another employer.  So her 
boss, Jim Paolini, went to Assistant Town Manager and got approval to 
give her an instant $10K raise.  From what I heard from a former 
management-level employee, who had access to records, this employee 
has little tenure, started off as an Admin then jumped to Office 
Manager then leaped to an Operations Manager position ... all within 
a few years.  Several employees were furious over this act of 
favoritism.  Additionally, when she was first hired, there was some 
notation in her file that raised a question as to her lack of 
experience, qualifications for the position.  Her relative, 
ironically is a long term employee, Joe Fonseca of the Framingham 
Fire Department.  The taxpayers of this Town would be very irate to 
learn of how careless the Town is with their money.  


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