The local muslim mosque at 234 Union Ave, used to be a Friendly's Restaurant that served ham sandwiches and bacon but thanks to the great powers of Allah it has now been sanctified.

According to the latest police logs , the mosque is now one of the compliance checks. This means that a not so eager police officer has to check it.

On Sunday, April 28 at 1300, the local muslim mosque had an open house from 1300-1600. I drove in and parked. Observed a bunch of muslim boys wearing long dresses and muslim skull caps (the kind of boys that serve you in Islamic heaven ).

I did not see one girl.

It has been said that any culture or religion that denies women equality denies the society half of its dynamic force and creativity.

In defense of the boys, none were obese, like our mayor. This is part of the new diversity in Framingham.

The women are either invisible or go into black bags that make them look like postal boxes.

Their web site is like an adventure into the darkest corners of the Twilight Zone, IMHO. You can download a prayer schedule, but you'll not find any proof of Allah.

This is a Sunni mosque. They are like the Saudis who absolutely love to decapitate people like me.

In the AF/TV video below, take note how the idiots segregate men and women. At the 3:51 mark, while you're admiring mayor Spicer's butt, you can see the doorway into the room with the men.

I'm pretty sure that AF/TV had to switch camera person from male to female and back as they crossed over.

Regretably, AF/TV doesn't make a note of this.

It has been said that any culture or religion that denies women equality denies the society half of its dynamic force and creativity.

I do wonder if all those young boys and the iman (Shayh Tofael Nuruddin) are circumcised ? These morons think that Allah will recognize them as faithful muslims because they cut up part of their weenie.

As I entered their mosque, I was told that I would have to wear some covering for my shoes that they provide. I chose not to go in, because I refuse to commit an act of submission to their non-existent god. The imaginary jewish god wants you to put on a beanie as an act of submission. So I left in disgust.

I then circled back around a while and came back to find HeavyRescue from the Framingham Fire Department parked in the mosque parking lot for the enjoyment of the children.

Five times a day, these idiots must get on their hands and knees facing the direction of The Kaaba and grovel to an imaginary creature called Allah

Sadly..... very sadly, these children go to Framingham schools. What a waste of taxpayers money.

This mosque is quite busy teaching misogyny and intolerance, using the Unholy Quran Islam denies evolution, and despises homosexuals like some of our gay representatives who are christian ministers in Framingham.

As an atheist, I am always delighted with the Sunni/Shia schism in Islam and that each side consider the other apostates and as we all know there is only one penalty for apostasy, death.

These people are part of two BILLION people, who every single day, get down on their knees and/or hands and grovel to an imaginary creature and I suspect that they are also part of those people who get run over by trains and fall off cruise ships.

The main thesis behind the Unholy Quran is to kill the to kill the unbelievers .

I suggest that Framingham open re-education camps like the Chinese do for their muslims.

Their utility to science is limited to organ harvesting, composting or serving as test subjects for cosmetics and pharmaceutical concerns.

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