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My Versions (saved)

FPAC's Versions (on their web site)

FPAC's Board of Directors
Standing: Jim Komola, Bill Rabkin (Vice-President), Francesca Cerutti-Harris (Acting Executive Director),
Gwendolyn Holbrow (President), Joel Winett (Treasurer)
Seated: Norma Shulman, Dave Hutchinson, Mike Cunningham, Elsa Hornfischer (Clerk)

The new complaint form

now hides the complainant in anonymity.

  • Who wanted this stupid policy?
  • Why was this policy implemented?

Notice the lines

May FPAC disclose this complaint to the alleged violator with your name included? Yes No

May FPAC disclose this complaint to the alleged violator with your name removed? Yes No

This implies that if someone complains against a show of mine, I will get a complaint from FPAC's Frauline Fuehrer Holbrow, but will I ever be shown the real complainant? If not, how is it determined that Holbrow herself did not file the complaint on her own?

Perhaps, the complaint form sent to the alleged violator for the alleged violation should have a check box stating:

This complaint has been sent to you by an ANONYMOUS COWARD. Thank you very much for your attention on this matter.

Ask me if I smell stupidity or has a bureaucratic coup d'etah occurred at FPAC?

From www.fpac.tv

FPAC has been receiving a record number of complaints recently from viewers who are unhappy about programs they see on the FPAC channels.

FPAC viewers are bonafide morons who are unable to change channels. Rather than learn a new technical skill, they would rather fill out the complex FPAC complaint form .

Filling out the complaint form and hiding themselves in anonymity indicates a fixation on the show that they complain about and a determination to make sure this show never sees the light of day again.

These viewers are bigoted and really technically stupid people who do not know anything about our First Amendment rights. In fact, many may not have heard of the U.S. Constitution .

This is a clear attempt to subvert freedom of speech.

FPAC violates two way consent recording law
On May 17, 2010,, I joined Jim and Joe Rizoli before the FPAC Board of Directors. The nature of the meeting was to hash out the complaints against the Rizolis.

Joel Winett was chairing the meeting since Gwendolyn Holbrow was a complainant, while Jim and Joe were respondents. I was a witness.

Winett stated that the meeting was being recorded but we could not have a copy of the recording.

Winett insisted that it would be recorded. He muttered something about FPAC procedures allowing this

We stated very clearly that we do not give our consent to be recorded. Massachusetts is one of 12 states that has a two-way consent law.


We walked out in disgust.

On a side note, Gwendolyn Holbrow stated that she would not sit at the same table with me. (and we barely know each other :-)

Since these people want to play judge, jury and executioners, all future meetings will be recorded. They can choose not to have the meeting.

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