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Fire Fighters Union(s)

Recently, I received this obnoxious letter in my mail.

Why would I find it obnoxious, you ask? Let me tell you the ways.

What bothers me most about the fire fighters union soliciting the public for funds is that they may be keeping a list, checking it twice, to see whose been naughty and nice. When they arrive at the raging inferno that was your house, will they snuff it out or throw lumps of coal into the ashes? These are very political people who show up in full regatta uniform at Town Meeting to promote their dead. I am sure they will emphatically state that no lists are maintained, but there is that annoying seventh little voice inside of my head that says otherwise.

  • Here are a bunch of overpaid, under-employed firefighters grovelling for more money, telling us how they die on our behalf.

  • They work two days on, then six days off, throughout the year, that's ninety one (91) days each year. They get to sleep during their 48 hour shift. On a given shift, given their different locations, they might not even wake up during their shift. Is that even defined as work?

  • They claim to be constantly battling fires?

    There are about 55 structure fires per year in Framingham. That is not constantly battling fires.

    There are about 400-500 car fires per year in Framingham. That's about 1.5 car fires per day. That is not constantly battling fires.

  • The bulk of the calls (65%) are rescue calls or false alarms.

    They ride around in their trucks looking important.

  • They park their fire vehicles in the fire lane at my Stop and Shop to shop for food on each of their shifts.

    They claim to have periods of intense physical and physchological stress that could lead to early cardiovascular problems.

    Same here when I walk in traffic in Framingham, but I keep myself in shape (round is a shape) through constant walking.

  • They claim to suffer from cancer and heart disease. Sure hope they exercise and don't smoke. Maybe, they should raise money for exercise equipment. There is nothing in their contract that prevents them from smoking. Any smoking related disease can be masked as a work related disease.

    Same for software developers. Geez, the risks i faced inhaling those chemicals from new rugs and flooring, not to mention having my face planted on a screen radiating all day.

    The sheer lack of body movement while I twitched my hand across that keyboard and mouse was killing me.

    So, what's their beef?

  • Here's a short list of really dangerous occupations .


    Fire fighting doesn't even make the list.

  • This is the only union that promotes its dead people as another way to tell us that we die for you!.


If the goal is to raise monies for themselves, they could do much better by contributing their union dues to whatever fund they want to contribute to.

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