Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

On December 17th, 2006, Dennis Giombetti visited Dunkin Donuts where I happen to be and came over to shake our hands. I refused, stating that he still supported Framingham's Welcoming Proclamation that encourages illegal immigration into Framingam.  He seemed very annoyed and surprised.

Shown here, are all Liz Mineo's articles on "immigration".  She confirms all that Jim Rizoli stated.  They are mostly illegal, they commit document fraud, they send remittances back home, they are smuggled in, they die in the desert, they do not intend to become citizens of the U.S., and thanks to our own stupid Supreme Court rulings like Plyler Vs. Doe, the illegals are a real burden in our schools.

Why should we educate them if they are unable to get a job afterwards without violating Federal law ?  Illegals simply steal municipal services, just like a common thief steals from Walmart.

After reading these articles, imagine what Framingham might have been if all that money sent back in remittances was spent here in Framingham.

Why does a member of our Board of Selectman knowingly support this behaviour, which subsequently increases our tax burden through support services like schools, police, fire and many others, and also expect me to respect him? 

As long as this illegal behaviour is encouraged through town policies like our Welcoming Proclamation, our taxes will continue to go up and this is a policy that Giombetti openly endorses.

Dennis Giombetti is simply not bright enough to understand this concept.  Regretably, his intelligence is comparable to Pam Richardson's.

All he has to do is reword our Welcoming Proclamation in order to discourage illegal immigration and vote on it (three votes needed to pass), and publicly state that illegal immigrants are not welcome in Framingham.  He won't do that, so he is no friend to the Framingham taxpayers.

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