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Charlie Sisitsky's Big Lie (showing us something about his personal integrity)

This is like Clinton's statement "I did not have sex with that woman".

Losing candidate calls for resignations
By D. Craig MacCormack/ Daily News Staff
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
On November 15, 2006, Charlie Sisitsky said:

There isn't any proof that I supported any of the candidates

This picture was printed in the Metrowest Daily News on November 8, 2006.

FRAMINGHAM -- Town Clerk Valerie Mulvey and two selectmen laughed off a call last night by Nicolas Sanchez for their resignation after the state representative runner-up questioned some Election Day practices.

"I'm not resigning," said Mulvey after noting Sanchez had "numerous inaccuracies" in his statement to selectmen, including his assertion that she and her staff counted votes in her office on election night.  "There's no need for me to resign."

Sanchez also questioned why literature of several candidates for the 6th Middlesex District state representative seat was left behind in voting booths, potentially influencing voters who were casting ballots for six write-ins.

He blasted Mulvey for violating state law by allowing selectmen Chairman Dennis Giombetti and member Charles Sisitsky to count write-in votes after the polls closed, an error Secretary of State William Galvin later called harmless.

He also noted that Mulvey helped run the Democratic caucus that chose Pam Richardson as that party's nominee and eventual winner in the Nov. 7 election, where she topped Sanchez by 1,200 votes, and was coordinator for Gov.-elect Deval Patrick's campaign.

"It is obvious not only that Ms. Mulvey failed to maintain a minimal semblance of impartiality, but that she broke the law," said Sanchez in his statement.

"What has happened questions the integrity of the electoral process," he said.  "How can we now ask anyone to participate when the watchdog of the elections, a lawyer, claims ignorance of the law?"

Giombetti said Sanchez's claims were baseless and he was among many in town who "responded to an SOS by the town clerk" to help with counting votes.  He was joined in Precinct 14 by his daughter and others, he said.

"We've learned our lessons and we'll go forward," said Giombetti.

Sisitsky said he plans to run for re-election when his term expires in March.  He noted "plenty of eyes and ears" kept tabs on the vote tallies and wondered why Sanchez would say he or his colleagues supported a particular candidate.

"There isn't any proof that I supported any of the candidates," said Sisitsky, who was shown in a Daily News photograph celebrating at a post-election party for Richardson.

Meanwhile, Republican Town Committee Chairman Ed McGrath called for selectmen to push for a public discussion of the town clerk's office and the involvement of public officials in the process.

"I've never questioned the fairness of the result and I still don't," said McGrath.  "But there was a problem with the election and those who were disillusioned with the voting process may have become even more so as a result."

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