I cannot remember any details but I probably knew Steve Orr before he met his wife Kristine. The two of us had common friends or associates.

Steve Orr was a wild eyed liberal in Framingham politics.

As a town meeting member in 2002, Steve Orr voted to approve the tax hike caused by the 2002 override. He actually stated to me

the unions forced us to accept it.

Thus Steve Orr helped to hike my taxes. I do not like people who hike my taxes .

As time went on, I took note that Steve Orr strongly supported the public sector unions.

He took a real shining to the dysfunctional, lazy, non-performing, worthless,and greedy Framingham police department , calling them a world class organization. I would prefer to call them a third world class organization.

He supported the massive influx of illegal immigrants into Framingham. Not once did I hear any negative comments against illegals.

He set up and operated a mailing list call Frambors and this became his power base. However, he did not believe in free speech. He specifically blocked certain individuals from posting on his list.

Quite often, his lackey and partner in crime, Linda Dumbrack used the issue of civility to silence free speech. Typical of wild eyed liberals.

I take my free speech very seriously.

Steve Orr passionately hated the Rizoli twins Jim Rizoli and Joe Rizoli for reasons I never understood and removed them all the mailing lists he operated.

In the last few years, Steve Orr was stressed by unemployment and his wife's illness. Combine this with a lack of exercise probably culminated in a heart attack. And he was so close to retirement.

What was he doing when his heart attack occured?

I repeat...

I do not like people who strive to increase my taxes

I do not like people who squelch my free speech. .

Respect for the dead is an outdated and foolish principle.
Let us say what we think, and be frank about it.
Death does not confer privilege

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