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Yet another handicapped Massachusetts state trooper

This page is long and is in REVERSE chronological order.

The most recent additions are at the bottom of the page.

March 16, 2010, the trooper parks in handicap
Strike 1

Around 0534 this morning, Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at the Dunkin Donuts by the Mass Pike entrance on Rt. 30 in Framingham, another handicapped Massachusetts state trooper parks in handicap. I was occupying the corner table overlooking that spot and working on my computer.

This particular handicap parking space (the only one in the entire lot) is really a venus flytrap for the Framingham police, Natick police, Wayland police and the Massachusetts state police. It must be a emitting some sort of odor that lures them in. Only the smarter police officers are able to resist it's lure.

As the officer walks in, I inform him that he is parked in handicapped. He claims that he did not see any signs. I then inform him that I intend to take pictures of him parked in handicapped. About 30 seconds later, he comes out to ask me for identification. I told him that I did not have any legal or constitutional requirement to provide him with any form of ID.

What purpose is served to ask me for identification except to intimidate me?

Strike 2

At this point he is outside and he knows he is parked in handicapped. The correct thing to do at this point in time is to park in another space. The officer goes back inside to get his coffee. I take four pictures (shown below).

I then go back inside and take a picture of him waiting for his order and I then approach him with an audio recorder, with the intent of getting his name but he keeps interrupting me. While I get somewhat flustered, I finally get my message across.

Listen in!

Strike 3

The officer refuses to identify himself. I attempt to tell him repeatedly that he is being recorded.

Strike 4

The officer threatens to arrest me for disorderly conduct . The catchall reason to arrest people that police love to abuse.

Someone should provide me with the rational for a state trooper to react this way to a member of the public, and a taxpayer who pays his salary.

Most police officers can properly handle power (the only drug not controlled by the FDA) when it is confered onto them by the state, but others get drunk with power and this officer might be such an example.

Examine the pictures below and ask yourself if the officer did not know he was parked in handicap. The pavement is marked and there is a reflective sign on the wall.

Click on any image to enlargen it.

What I would like is a written response to these questions. I will pursue a response as long as they remain unanswered.

  1. What is the officer's name and rank?

  2. Which state police barrack does he work out of?

  3. What is his work address?

  4. How many years experience does this state trooper have?

  5. How many handicap parking tickets has this officer issued during his illustrous career in the Massachusetts state police?

  6. How many times had the officer been to this particular Dunkin Donuts?

  7. Why did he park in handicap? I'm not accepting his claim that he did not know. Has he undergone any training to identify a Handicap sign?

    The parking lot had at least 40 parking spaces .

  8. The fine for parking in handicap in Framingham is $200. Given that he is a state police officer, he should be fined $500.00. Will he be fined all?

  9. Can you please explain the belligerent attitude he had, as expressed in the audio file?

                                          65 Delmar Avenue
                                          Framingham, MA 01701
                                          508-877-5541 (H)

        Dear sir,

        On Tuesday, March 16, 2010, at 0530 I was working on my computer
        at my customary table in the corner that overlooks the handicap 
        parking space at the Dunkin Donut shop on Route 30 by the Mass Pike
        entrance in Framingham and I observed a state police cruiser park  
        itself in the handicap parking space.                              

        The officer came in and I told him he was parked in handicapped.
        He responded by saying he had not noticed, so I then told him   
        I would take pictures.  I was out there taking pictures and he  
        came out and asked me for identification.  I told him that I had
        no legal or constitutional requirement to provide him with such     
        identification.  At this point we are both 5 feet from his cruiser.

        He goes back in to make his order.  After I take 3 pictures, I go
        back in and take a picture of him waiting to get  his order.     
        I then proceed to approach him with my tape recorder on to ask him
        his name.  I start by attempting to say "You are being recorded"  
        but I run into a problem as he keeps interrupting me with his tirade.
        After getting flustered, I finally get to say what I want.           

        The pictures and audio file can be seen/heard at


        I do not take kindly any attempt by police to use the color of law
        to harrass and intimidate me by threatening to arrest me for
        disorderly conduct.

        It is simply not appropriate for a state police officer to
        deal with the public in the way he did.

        I would like to get the officer's name and work address in order
        to address several issues with him.  I would also like to discuss
        this with his commanding officer, and get written responses to my
        questions as itemized on the web page..

                                          Sincerely yours,

                                          Harold J. Wolfe

        UNITED STATES CODE Title 18, Section 242
        Deprivation of rights under color of law

        Conspiracy to Interfere with Civil Rights
        Depriving Persons of Rights or Privileges 42 USCS sec. 1985
        Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law--18 USCS sec. 242
March 25, 2010, 1420. Made contact with the State Police
On March 25, 2010 around 1420, I talked to Detective Lieutenant Frederick J. Morse of the Complaint Intake Area, 508-820-2268 (perhaps known as an internal investigations unit).

Massachusetts State Police 470 Worcester Road Framingham, MA 01702 508-820-2300

Information compiled from Mass Open Books and Boston Herald Projects Payroll

Frederick Morse, Detective Lieutenant (2008 salary of $140,588) [Union code: C22 - Exec. - SPAM - Captains (State Police Association of Massachusetts)]

The name of the trooper involved in this incident is

Jonathan L. Brown, State Police Trooper, 1St Class (2008 salary of $66,571.70) [Union code: 5A - Exec. - SPAM (State Police Association of Massachusetts)]

Officer Jonathan L. Brown works out of the Weston Barracks , 668 South Street, Weston, MA 02493 (781-431-5050)

I was informed by Lieutenant Frederick J. Morse that a formal investigation would be started and I would be contacted by the investigating officer in the next two weeks (Sigh!).

Hope to get results before the glaciers melt away.

March 29, 2010, 1300. Received a call from investigative officer
Received a call from

Lieutenant Gary R. Bearfield (2008 salary of $80,905.76) ( $193,004 if you include detail work ) [Union code: C22 - Exec. - SPAM - Captains (State Police Association of Massachusetts)]

Telephone number: 781-431-5050 (Weston Barracks)

He stated that he will conduct a thorough examination of my complaint against Officer Jonathan L. Brown. He asked me for an interview either on the phone or face to face at the Weston barracks.

March 30, 2010, 1000. Returned Lt. Gary Bearfield's call
Scheduled a 1000 meeting on Thursday, April 1, 2010 with Lieutenant Gary R. Bearfield at the Weston Barracks and advised him that I would be audio recording it unless he could specify an Massachusetts General Law (MGL) that would prevent me from doing so.

He expressed that his personal preference of not recording it. I told him that I would not have any issues if he audio/video recorded the meeting. I simply want every word above board and public.

April 1, 2010, 1000. Met with Lt. Gary Bearfield, Station Commander
I was driven to the Weston Barracks by a friend.

Have you ever found yourself standing in the middle of large pack of rabid dobermans? That's how it feels when you visit the Weston state police barracks.

I was hoping my complaint would be investigated by Mulder and Scully, but, unfortunately my complaint was assigned to Goering and Himler. Sigh!

Upon meeting Lt. Gary Bearfield, one realizes his name should have been Herr Goering.

I wanted to bring my friend in as a witness but Goering The Coward would not allow it, but he had Himler come in as his witness! The two against one approach. This creates plausible deniability.

The two were in full uniform, knee high boots, but the only thing missing to differentiate them from Nazi storm troopers was the Nazi cross shoulder patches.

These people are afraid of the public eye. It is important to minimize their numbers to an absolute minimum.

The questions had nothing whatsoever to do with state police officer Jonathan Brown behaviour in this incident. The goal of all the questions was merely to demean, demonize and marginalize anyone who dares to complain against the state police..

Lt. Gary Bearfield was taking copious notes on his yellow pad that should show up in the final report.

Bearfield: I have been doing these kind of investigations for thirty years
           and I intend to do a very thorough investigation.

Bearfield: Do you have a driver's license?

Harold:    No!

Bearfield: How did you get here today?

Harold:    A friend drove me here.

Bearfield: This incident occurred on March 16th?

Harold:    Yes

Bearfield: Around 5:30 in the morning?

Harold:    Yes

Bearfield: What do you do for work?

Harold:    I'm retired.

Bearfield: What did you do when you did work?

Harold:    Software.

Bearfield: When do you normally wake up in the morning?

Harold:    About 3 in the morning.

Bearfield: What brought you to Dunkin Donuts at 5:30

Harold:    I'm there most days.

Bearfield: Do you just sit there with a camera and recorder waiting
           for someone to park in handicap?

Harold:    No, I work on my computer.

Bearfield: Have you found other cars parked there?

Harold:    Yes.

Bearfield: Other police cars?

Harold:    Yes, including another state trooper.

Bearfield: Do you have issues with others who are not police?

Harold:    Yes, but who would I complain to.

Bearfield: Are you diabetic?

Harold:    No, why do you ask?

Bearfield: Well, you know this Dunkin Donuts sugar stuff.

Bearfield: Do you take any drugs?

Harold:    No

Bearfield: Do you take any medications at all for heart disease?

Harold:    I take no medications at all.  Nada.  Nyet! None.  Zero.  No.

Bearfield: Have you even been in prison?

Harold:    No.

Bearfield: Have you ever been in county jail?

Harold:    No

Bearfield: Have you ever been arrested?

Harold:    Yes

Bearfield: How many times?

Harold:    I can't remember?

Bearfield: More than 10 times?

Harold:    No!

Bearfield: More than five times?

Harold:    Maybe.  You can look it up.

Bearfield: We don't do background checks on people who file complaints.

Bearfield: Have you ever been treated for mental illness?

Harold:    No.  Has trooper Jonathan Brown been treated for mental illness?

Bearfield: Not that I'm aware of.

Bearfield: Are you familiar with Photoshop?

Harold:    Yes.

Bearfield: Did you use it?

Harold:    No.

Harold:    My complaint pointed to a web page.  Did you examine the web page?

Bearfield: No.

Harold:    You are the investigating officer and you are going to do a
           VERY THOROUGH INVESTIGATION but you did not examine the
           web page?

Bearfield: That's correct.

Harold:    How did you see any pictures or hear the audio?

Bearfield: That was sent to us in printed form by headquarters.

Harold:    Why did the trooper park in handicap?

Bearfield: We do not know yet, but he has until this week to send us his report.

Harold:    If you do not prosecute him for using the color of law to
           threaten someone with arrest, I will file federal charges
           against him and you.

Bearfield: Is that a threat?

Harold:    No, that is a set of steps I will take against you for failing
           to apply laws against the state police.  I remind you that
           you are a public servant.

Bearfield: I am a public employee.  I am not a public servant.

Bearfield: Was there any contact with the officer?

Harold:    No, we were always five feet away from each other.

Bearfield: Were there any witnesses to this event with the trooper besides you?

Harold:    Yes, there were many regulars at Dunkin's Donut.  You can acquire
           the video from their cameras.

Harold:    I expect you to whitewash this investigation.

Bearfield: Why would you think so?

Harold:    That's where I'm placing my money.  I await your final report.

Bearfield: Do you have any further questions?

Harold:    Will I get a copy of the final report?

Bearfield: Yes.  I expect the investigation to be finished in a week or two.

Is this Lt. Gary Bearfield's new puppy?

After my meeting with Lt. Gary Bearfield, I felt that it might have been appropriate to give him a couple of hearty Heil Hitler salutes.

It's now clear why state police officer Jonathan Brown acted the way he did. He simply learned it from his boss, Lt. Gary Bearfield. This is a classic case of how the Lucifer Effect works.

It's very discouraging to realize that we pay these people so much to be so technically ignorant and so incredibly arrogant.

I now truly believe that these state police officers are fundamentally more dangerous to our society than any terrorists. If anything happens to me, please inquire where the state police were.

At least I now clearly and unambiguously understand the process that others go through when they file complaints against the Massachusetts state police. It's certainly nothing close to what I had expected.

In order to better understand and appreciate Lt. Gary Bearfield's personality, it's best that you meet with him. I did, and you should (before you come to any erroneous conclusions about him). A twenty minute meeting should nail it down pretty well :-)

It does not seem to be possible to be treated like a human being with respect by the Massachusetts state police. The sad question to ask is how can they possibly expect any respect from us as long as they treat us this way.

Response from the State Police on April 30, 2010
My response to the State Police response
                                             65 Delmar Avenue
                                             Framingham, MA 01701
                                             May 12, 2010

        Massachusetts State Police
        Headquarters Troop E
        50 Massport Haul Road
        Boston, Massachusetts 02210-2002
        Attn: Lt. Colonel John V. Dunn

        Dear Mr. Dunn,

        What does it mean that my complaint against Trooper Brown has been
        sustained? He not only violated departmental rules and regulations,
        he violated assorted laws but the biggest one was a felony.

        He used the color of law  to threaten me with arrest.  How come you
        don't mention that?  I can only presume that it's because of your

        Excellence In Service Through Quality Policing

        If you fail to prosecute him for this, you may be called to testify
        as to your reasons, as will Lt. Gary Bearfield and Captain Anthony
        Thomas.  You may have to explain to a judge as to why you did not
        perform your law enforcement functon against one of your own.  I
        seem to remember that we the taxpayers pay you to perform this
        function. Do you remember?

        I was informed by Lt. Gary Bearfield that I would receive a
        copy of the final report of the incident.  Is this true?
        Will I receive the final report or is this letter all I can expect?

        The web page


        will be sent to all Massachusetts state representatives and senators.
        I want the entire legislature to understand the process of what the
        average citizen has to go through in filing a serious felony complaint
        against a state police officer and how his commanding officers just
        blow it off into the wind.

        Thank you for your time.

                                             Sincerely yours,

                                             Harold J. Wolfe


I-Team: State Trooper Caught Breaking The Law May 26, 2010

The sign says it all.

"Handicapped parking, Unauthorized vehicles may be removed."

But it was a man of authority who was caught behind the wheel and breaking the rules.

He pulled right in to get a space up front, all for a cup of coffee.

Paul Spooner, head of the Metrowest Center for Independent Living said, "Anyone, whether it's a state trooper or a city official, they shouldn't be breaking the law."

But Massachusetts State Trooper Jonathan Brown did just that.

He parked his cruiser in a handicapped spot while he placed his order inside a Dunkin Donuts in Framingham.

Harold Wolfe snapped some pictures, pulled out a recorder and asked Trooper Brown why he was breaking the law.

Wolfe says the trooper began yelling at him and threatened to place him under arrest.

What makes this story even more troubling is that there are 58 regular parking spot in the parking lot.

There's only one handicapped spot, and it's right in front of the door.

"It is very frustrating," said Spooner. "The reality is they're blocking a spot that someone needs. They would just have to walk another ten feet, another 20 feet. I don't have the luxury of walking. I drive myself in an adapted van. And you know, I don't need anyone else to drive me around, but in order to do that I need a parking spot."

The registrar of motor vehicles, Rachel Kaprielian, said no one, not even troopers like Jonathan Brown, is exempt from the rules.

A spokesperson for the state police tells the I-Team they have no tolerance for any member parking in a restricted space, and that an internal investigation found that Trooper Jonathan Brown violated department rules when he parked in the handicapped spot.

Trooper Brown is being disciplined as a result.

Rick Brown, president of the Massachusetts State Police Association, says they don't condone any state trooper parking in any handicapped parking spot at any time.

Around February 10, 2011, Lt. Col. John V. Dunn sent me the very same letter he sent back on April 30, 2010. This is my new reply.

                                        65 Delmar Avenue
                                        Framingham, MA 01701
                                        February 18, 2011

        State Police Headquarters
        470 Worcester Road
        Framingham, MA 01702
        Attn: Captain Anthony Thomas

        Dear sir,

        This letter is in response from a letter from Lieutenant Colonel Dunn
        sent to me last week.  I enclose a copy and I will expect another
        copy of this letter next year.
        Why am I getting a letter dated April 30, 2010 in early 
        February of 2011?  I can only presume that officer Jonathan Brown
        is still employed and that means that the Massachusetts state
        police and you in particular allow for this reprehensible and
        illegal behaviour by your officer.

        According to everything I see going on, it is perfectly legal for
        a state trooper to threaten someone with arrest and still get paid
        and not suffer any pain or suffering.  This officer merely reflects
        the entire staff of the state police and makes them look like 
        stupid, aggressive, bullying idiots.  Thank you very much!

        I do not pay taxes to have a bunch of idiots like Brown
        threatening me with arrest because I wanted to talk to him.
        Apparently, the entire command staff agrees with his behaviour.

        I've always loved your motto:

        "Excellence In Service Through Quality Policing"

        Jonathan Brown is a contradiction to your motto.
        When I see either excellence in service or quality policing, I will
        certainly let you hypocrites know.

        I will add this response to my web page where I documented this


        Have a nice day! 

                                        Sincerely yours,

                                        Harold J. Wolfe

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