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Sergeant Kathy Esposito
While the name Esposito was known to me, it was a Michael Esposito. Perhaps the two are married. It would not surprise me.  I cannot remember having any contact with Kathy before I was arrested but she seemed to know quite a bit about me.

While I was standing in front of the booking desk, still handcuffed, Ms. Esposito coincidentally happen to come into the room, saw me, and started harassing me.

I distinctly remember four comments she made. I remember saying to myself, "Come on, woman, keep talking.

  • You ought to be more respectful of us men and women in blue.

  • You ought to be ashamed of some of those things you said against us.

  • I can't believe some of the things you say about us.

  • You better behave here because you're now in my house.

Given that I was being booked at 4 a.m., the last remark made me ask myself "Hmmmm? I wonder what her day job is?"

There were three witnesses to her statements besides herself.  Officer Reardon, Sgt C. Montuori (the booking officer) and myself. I know one that clearly remembered what she said. Let's see if the other three even remember that she was in the booking room when we all go to court.

The booking process took only a few minutes. Given the size of our police headquarters, it seemed interesting that she would show up in the booking room at the time I was hauled in. This is not just coincidental.  I wonder if she had any command authority that morning to haul me in?  Any possibility she might be a vindictive woman?. 

This is a case of a police officer using her official capacity to intimidate and harass an individual while he is handcuffed. A truely brave and courageous act by a police officer.

Sergeant Kathy Esposito truly epitomizes the professionalism of our police chief Steven Carl's view of the Framingham police force. A true inspiration to police wannabees :-)

It would also seem from her remarks that she is a supporter of the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC)

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