Questions for Selectman Candidates
I am an avid seeker of knowledge about my potential Selectmen. As such I have compiled a list of questions for the candidates.

The latest long term financial report states very clearly and unambiguously, that we have very large unfunded liabilities and will soon have to cut $15 million out of operational funds to fund health insurance for retirees.

2012-2016 Long Range Financial Forececast

  1. What would you cut? Have you even considered this problem that you WILL face? Here's a choice of departments/areas to cut...

    Framingham Public Schools
    Keefe Tech
    Public Works
    Building Maintenance
    Parks and Recreation
    Senior Center
    Veteran Services
    Planning Department

  2. Would you vote to place an override on the ballot?

  3. Would you vote to place an underride on the ballot?

  4. Identify the biggest issues facing Framingham and how you might deal with them.

  5. Do you believe it is appropriate to remain silent about the SWAT killing of Eurie Stamps by the Framingham police for two months?

  6. Do you view Plyler V Doe to be a financial issue in Framingham schools?

    If so, what would you do if you were on the BOS?

  7. Do you view Plyler V Doe as an unfunded mandate?

    Our schools do not view it as such since they did not include it in their long list of unfunded mandates .

  8. What is your view of the $7.5 million expenditure on fixing stuff in the downtown area.

    Do you believe it will accomplish anything positive or do you see it as a waste of hard earned tax dollars?

  9. It has been stated by many that Framingham has lost services due to cutbacks.

    Do you agree with that statement?

    If so, can you please identify very specifically what service has been lost?

    Can you please be very specific as to the repercussions of the loss?

  10. Framingham's student/teacher ratio is currently 11.5 to 1. Is that too high or too low?

  11. Do you believe that public sector employees are entitled to more compensation and benefits than the private sector employees?

  12. Would you support a town meeting study on total compensation packages for town and school employees versus the private sector in Framingham?

  13. Given that our unions do not want to increase their health insurance payments, would you support a ZERO/ZERO three year contract (COLA's and step increases) for town and school employees?

  14. What does the term level funding mean to you?

    The same funding as last year?

    The same funding as last year plus a large hike in pay?

    Suggest another definition of level funding.

  15. The town of Framingham has a real estate portfolio containing 381 properties of which it might use 150, Should the town sell its unused properties?

  16. Do you believe that the Danforth Museum has sufficient value that taxpayers should continue to fund the the heating and maintenance of the building since the museum is unable to generate sufficient revenues to do it themselves?

  17. Do you believe in the strict separation of church and state?

    Should Framingham spend any funds on Christmas decoratiions?

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