65 Delmar Avenue
                                              Framingham, MA 01701
                                              March 15, 2012

        Framingham School Committee
        31 Flagg Drive
        Room B46
        Framingham, MA  01702
        (508) 626-9121

        Dear madam,

        I would like to request certain information from the Framingham school
        committee as follows:

        1. The SAT scores in reading, writing, and math for Framingham seniors
           for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011.

        2. How much are we getting annually from MassBay for the use of the
           Farley elementary school?

        3. The floor plans for all the schools that you have floor plans for.
           I've seen one floor plan for Farley that fits on a single page
           and was wondering if you have such floor plans for the others 

        4. The fifty highest salaries for school only employees for the
           school year ending June 30, 2011.  I am looking for a list
           that contains the following information:

           a. Name of employee
           b. Title of employee
           c. School he/she is employed by (only if at one school)
           d. Total salary for the year.

        Any responses to these questions can consist of web pointers.
        If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
        hjw2001@gmail.com or 508-561-8452.

                                              Sincerely yours,

                                              Harold J. Wolfe

Notes: The floor plans I was requesting were on a 8.5" by 11" sheet. I was not requesting blue prints. I really wanted to know the school where the teachers were employed. What I've detected is that the more senior (most highly paid) teachers are getting the best jobs teaching kindergarten. Easy peasy work.

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