In this article entitled

Scores down but participation is up on SAT ,

I found a link to a

PDF file that lists all the SAT scores for Metrowest. .

Using the state's education site, I compiled a table on annual cost per student and SAT scores for Framingham and three surrounding towns.

The 2011 Cost per Student is a link to the state education web site number.

Town Verbal Math Writing Total
2011 Cost
per Student
Framingham 517 552 519 1588 $ 15,769
Lexington 625 656 622 1903 $ 16,358
Dover 608 619 616 1833 $ 16,495
Weston 605 623 611 1839 $ 19,352

Note total scores in the 2013 SATs versus the total cost per student in 2011 (the most recent state data).

Lexington tax payers pay $16,358 per student or 3.7% more than Framingham's $15,769, but Lexington gets a total SAT score of 1903 or 19.8% better than Framingham's 1588. That is a significantly better SAT score and makes the average Lexington student eligible for almost any college, but I guess the average Framingham students can still go to Framingham State University.

To me this constitutes unequivocal evidence that Framingham teachers are not very good at their jobs for what we pay them. I sincerely doubt that there is much difference in DNA between Lexington students and Framingham students.

Imagine if you invested 3.7% more to get a return on investment of 19.8%. Who would want to go to Framingham schools.

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