Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Given the way Special Education (SPED) laws are written, they imply that SPED gets its monies first and the rest go to Regular Education (RED).

At our local library, I picked up this flyer from the Framingham schools
(Click image to enlarge).

The gist of the flyer states give us your poor, wretched, socially dysfunctional and illiterate children to screen for pre-school.

What the flyer seems to omit is:

and we will subsidize their education in "Pre-School", Pre-Kindergarten (BLOCKS) and Kindergarten.

I've always seen SPED as a sort of racket run by the teachers unions. Since Massachusetts ditched corporal discipline in 1971 and basically replaced it with SPED in 1973, I'd love to know how many teachers were involved in passing these laws to bolster their ranks to get more union dues.

And I always thought the purpose of education was to find the smart students and push them thru school. Boy, was I ever wrong!

Here, in Framingham, just like SMOC, Wayside and The Advocates, the public schools seek all the dysfunctional teeny boppers and throw our hard earned tax monies at them hoping that money will somehow overcome genetics, alcohol abuse, drug abuse and trailer trash family values .

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