How the Metrowest News censors and for the proof
You would think the Metrowest daily news would stick to what it writes about free speech but it doesn't. I will prove it to you even though a recent email from Rick Holmes denied they stop peoples postings or purges of their servers from people they don't want having opinions that differ from the norm.
 Here is a great example of a post about a Holocaust survivor.
Obviously his testimony in the article is highly challenged by me and I obviously made it known through this post in harmony with the MWDN opinion about free speech: Great article here about free speech, thats why I posted my opinion.
This is what I posted:
"My comments, if they stay posted.
This guy should be glad God doesn't strike him dead for lying.
Auschwitz wasn't a death camp, crematoriums don't smoke, there were no homicidal gas chambers. These are stories he read about and now spouts out like a parrot.
I would recommend these links to really get the other side of the story that the MWDN doesn't want you to read or hear about.
Christianity, Truth and Fantasy:
The Holocaust, Historical Revisionism and Christians Today
Also great informative article here
Original Christianity, Truth and Fantasy article
Red Cross no extermination installations
In a November 22, 1944 letter to U.S. State Department officials about their visits the Red Cross said: “We had NOT be able to discover ANY TRACE of installations for exterminating civilians prisoners"
That was my post which went up, why do I know? Because of this post by a "Kathy Storm" acknowledges it:

"Kathy Storm":

shame on the mwdn shame on you for allowing these comments"


There are NO Comments other than this "Kathy Storm" meaning, MY above posting went up and was taken down. But the MWDN forgot to take down the only proof of that happening by "Kathy Storms" post...oops....

Now remember, I am only commenting, giving INFORMATION, yet that information is NOT WANTED by some of the public haters of Truth, one that "Kathy Storm". Not even sure this foul mouth person is even a guy when you click on their name you see very abusive post against Harold Wolfe and the Rizoli brothers. This person IF it is a guy sure was abusive. But this is the talk that The Metrowest Daily News is accusing ME of when they banned me.

 Sorry, it didn't happen from me. The MWDN allowed people like this "Kathy Storm" person to post their hatred first as answers to INFORMATION that the Metrowest Daily News wants people to freely give in the society in which we live. I which I happily did in over a thousand post over the years of my posting online. Good luck now if you find ANY of my postings, But this "Kathy Storm" has a half dozen and ALL 6 are attacks either on Harold Wolfe or the Rizolis.

After that complaint by "Kathy Storm" the post I made was taken down by the Metrowest Daily News staff, whoever it was. Click on the "Kathy Storm" persons picture, you'll get all the postings this person put up, ALL abusive...But the Metrowest Daily News let then stay, yet accuses me of abusive post. 
Richard Lodge states:

"Joe: You repeat many of the same bigoted remarks that 
you have made many times in our comments section. Those comments do nothing to 
encourage any type of constructive discussion in the public commenting portion 
of stories or opinion pieces, something that we are trying to promote. Repeated 
negative arguments, Holocaust denial and name calling do nothing to further an 
online discussion and discourage the general public from joining the discussion. 

As you are well aware, you have many ways you can 
publish and broadcast your beliefs online, other than our comments 

Again notice how the MWDN got out of this by condemning me, How about condemning this "Kathy Storm" and that persons post?

So Richard Lodge and Rick Holmes, you do censor information, you purge it from you site, whoever does it, and you cover up those actions by saying you don't do it. Of course the article about free speech you wrote about was a great article, but obviously it doesn't apply to everyone, well maybe for the people YOU let abuse first in their own bigoted hatred, then you cowardly uses excuses to turn that around on the persons that hatred was for, nice job guys...Redeem yourselves by giving me my free speech back...

Joe Rizoli

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