The law has always been very mysterious to me. For instance, we know that selling is legal and sex is legal, so why is it that selling sex is illegal.

In Framingham, if you're a police officer like Steven Casey and you kill someone , they give you a medal and a plaque. How wonderful.

If you're in the army and you spray innocent civilians with napalm, they give you a medal and a commendation. Wow!

But, if you're a woman and you give a guy an orgasm, they incarcerate you in their gulag.

Perhaps, the prostitutes should sell you a condom and offer the sex for free, on the condition that you buy a condom. This is very much like the discount on cell phone service when you buy a cell phone at a discounted price.

Can someone please explain these laws against prostitution to me as though I was a five year old.

Here is a case when the state is complying with religion. Prostitution is a moral issue and the only rational reason for a law against it, is that the religious idiots want such a law. Religion is also the reason that Massachusetts has an unconstitutional and unenforceble law against blasphemy. Meanwhile, the Catholic priests keep raping the alter boys.

A second way to allow prostitution is for the customer to pay the hooker and have it all filmed and sold as porngraphy. Apparently, pornography is allowed and that is certainly selling sex for money.

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