According to the most recent data, 46,496,000 people in the United States who are now in poverty. Illegal immigrants, mistakenly called Framingham residents help to create the concept of poverty in Framingham. Every dollar they save is a dollar to ship back home.

American poverty just ain't what it used to be. A new report from the Census Bureau found that of those in poverty or poverty striken....

  • 80.9% have cell phones along with their landline phones.
    And let not forget the Obama phones.

  • 58.2% have computers....the other 41.8% don't know how to use one.
    Pretty much the same as the population in general.

  • 96.1% have televisions
    Watching it is one reason they are in poverty.

  • 83% have some sort of DVR.

  • 97.8% have refridgerators

  • 96.6% have gas or electric stoves

  • 93.2% have microwave ovens

  • 83% have air conditioning
    Many in poverty get free air conditioners and promptly sell them.

  • 68.7% have clothes washer

  • 65.3% have clothes dryer

  • 44.9% have dishwashers

In order to have all this in poverty, they must have housing. Do they pay property taxes?. It would be nice.

The other striking feature of those in poverty is that they are generally obese. Some can be defined as Hamplanets. .

One wonders how many of those in poverty smoke cigarettes. At $9.00 a pack, it is a real concern. One pack is equivalent to two meals. How many of those in poverty, while not alcoholics, will buy a six pack of beer every other day? How many canned (sugared) drinks do they buy per week?

Of course, in Framingham's large welfare machine, those in poverty are actually quite well off. Our predators, degenerates, crackheads, fruitcakes and wakaloons are all serviced by many different social service organizations that call Framingham home.

While I have to pay $10,000 a year for health insurance, those in poverty and illegals get free health care through Mass Health, free health care through Framingham's health department ($777,000 in 2012) in downtown and free emergency room care at Framingham Union hospital.

I am sure that there are thousands of Framingham residents who have signed up for Food stamps and have electronic benefits transfer (EBT) accounts.
The latest information shows 23,116,928 households on food stamps.

Thousands of residents have Section 8 vouchers for housing.

The MWRTA provides heavily subsidized ($911,000 in 2013) bus service for those in poverty.

The South Middlesex Opportunity Council provides numerous services to all our allegedly recovering drug users and alcoholics.

The Framingham Housing Authority (FramHA) provides free housing for those in poverty and our illegals.

The taxpayers just spent $41 million on restoring The Musterfields at Concord Place next to our courthouse.

For those in poverty who wish to buy cheap crap, we have Savers in Framingham and the Salvation Army runs two retail stores in Framingham.

We have four food pantries in Framingham, This may explain the obesity issue on Framingham among those in poverty.

Salvation Army Food pantry,
34 Concord St., Framingham, MA 01704 508-875-3341

Hope Worldwide New England, Inc
Framingham, MA 01702 617-899-5222

St. Bridgett's Food Pantry,
15 Wheeler Ave. Framingham, MA 01702 508-875-5959

MetroWest Harvest
SMOC Building, 300 Howard St., Framingham, MA 01702 508-788-3663

Even the seriously mentally ill, who cannot care for themselves, have handlers to take them to the Natick Mall or for meals at McDonalds. I've been at McDonalds when they were there. Not a pleasant experience.

Here in Framingham, if you were to listen to our teachers talk about poverty, the following images are what they want you to believe.

Teacher's Neighborhood

The Children Of Teachers

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