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This occured at the Dunkin Donuts by the Mass Pike entrance on Rt. 30.

Yet another example of police abusing their authority. Thanks for setting examples for the taxpayers.

Question 1: Can anybody park on those white lines?

Question 2: Do those white lines mean "Police Only Parking"?

Question 3: Do the white lines mean anything to your staff members?

Question 4: Is there any reason those white lines were placed there?

Question 5: Who was the officer in cruiser 952 (license plate) that day?

The log file for 10/11/2010 does not show its usual list of who's driving which cruiser.

The officer told me to take a good picture not in handicapped.
The camera date/time is correct give or take one ot two minutes.

Click on a picture to enlarge.

I'll just keep accumulating the pictures for posterity.

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