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If you mosy along to the small clump of buildings on the Cushing Hospital grounds known as TriCentennial Park, you will find a pre-school being operating by the Framingham Parks and Recreation department.

Why is the Framingham Parks and Recreation department running a pre-school? Isn't that a function of the school department?

If Parks and Recreation can do this, can one rationalize that the Department of Public Works, the police department, and the fire department also run pre-schools somewhere in Framingham?

I'll check the Edgell Grove cemetery to see if they also have school buildiings hidden amongst the dead..

Questions that town meeting members should ask are:

  • When was this school authorized by the town?

  • Who authorized it?

  • Is this a pre-school or a baby-sitting operation?

  • Who pays for it or is it free or subsidized?

  • If its fee based, does the fee cover all costs or are some costs thrown on the casual taxpayer?

    Costs like

    1. salaries,
    2. health insurance,
    3. retirement,
    4. building maintenance,
    5. utilities,
    6. supplies,
    7. liabilibility insurance,
    8. transportation,
    9. etc.

  • What are the fees?

  • What are the hours of operation?

  • Who gets the service and why?

    How many children are enrolled?

    Does this service the families of the Parks and Rec department only? A departmental perk?

    Can anyone get in?

  • Are the teachers certified?

  • Why are the windows boarded up?

    Isn't this dangerous in a fire?

    Is this some sort of kiddie gulag?

  • Since this is not part of the school department, Plyler V. Doe does not apply and you can ask for immigration status. Do we? Probably not.

    Another freebie to the children of illegal aliens?

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