Framingham Beaches
# Beach Location
1 Learneds Pond located on Shawmut Terrace
2 Saxonville Beach located on Lake Road
3 Lake Waushakum located on Nipmuc Terrace

Local Parks
# Facility Activity Location
1 Anna Murphy Little League Field 16 Cove Ave. and Lake Ave.
2 Arlington St. Basketball Basketball 68 Arlington St.
3 Barbieri Soccer Soccer 100 Dudley Rd.
4 Barbieri Softball Softball / Soccer 100 Dudley Rd.
5 Bates Rd. Little League Field 40 Bates Rd.
6 Bowditch Baseball Baseball Field 475 Union Ave.
7 Bowditch Football Football / Soccer 475 Union Ave.
8 Bowditch Track Track 475 Union Ave.
9 Bowditch Basketball Basketball Court Walnut St. side
10 Bowditch Tennis Tennis Courts Walnut St. side
11 Brophy I Soccer 575 Pleasant St. (Rt. 30)
12 Brophy II Little League Field 575 Pleasant St. (Rt. 30)
13 Brophy III Pleasant St. Soccer - 6x6 / Softball 575 Pleasant St.
14 Butterworth Baseball / Soccer 261 Grant St. (Bishop St. S)
15 Butterworth Softball Softball 261 Grant St. (Bishop St. S)
16 Butterworth Tennis Tennis Courts 261 Grant St. (Bishop St. S)
17 Cameron Soccer Soccer / Football 215 Elm St.
18 Cameron Softball Softball / Little League 215 Elm St.
19 Carter Little League Field Dudley Rd. (Longs Complex)
20 Charlotte Dunning Little League / Softball 48 Frost St. (next to Walsh Complex)
21 Danforth Little League / Softball Danforth St. (corner of Cottage St., Sax.)
22 Farley Softball Softball / Soccer / Football 31 Flagg Dr.
23 Fuller Soccer / Lacrosse 31 Flagg Dr.
24 Furber Little League Fairbanks Rd. (off Rt. 30)
25 Galvani I Softball / Lacrosse / Soccer Guadalcanal Rd. (behind State Police on Rt. 9)
26 Galvani II Softball / Lacrosse / Football / Soccer Guadalcanal Rd. (behind State Police on Rt. 9)
27 Hemenway Little League/ Lacrosse / Softball 729 Water St. (off Edgell Rd.)
28 Juniper Hill Little League 29 Upper Jocelyn Ave.
29 Keefe Baseball Baseball / Soccer 750 Winter St.
30 Keefe Football Football / Soccer 750 Winter St.
31 King Softball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Soccer 454 Water St.
32 Longs Baseball Baseball, Football Dudley Rd.
33 Longs Basketball Basketball Court Dudley Rd. (next to Loring Arena)
34 Longs Softball (Ryan) Softball Dudley Rd.
35 Mary Dennison I Softball 54 Beaver St.
36 Mary Dennison II Softball 54 Beaver St.
37 Mary Dennison Baseball Baseball, Soccer, Football 54 Beaver St.
38 Mary Dennison Basketball Basketball Courts 54 Beaver St.
39 McCarthy Little League, Softball 8 Flagg Dr.
40 Merloni Little League Fountain St. (in Longs Complex)
41 Oakvale Little League Burbank Cir. 46 Hadley Rd. (off Potter Rd.)
42 Lundy Field (Potter Rd. I) Little League 492 Potter Rd. (runs between Elm St.and Water St.)
43 Potter Rd. Soccer Soccer / Lacrosse 492 Potter Rd. (runs between Elm St. and Water St.)
44 Reardon Little League / Softball Brownlea Rd. (off Old Conn Path)
45 Roosevelt Park Basketball / Playground 80 Fay Road (Old Roosevelt School)
46 Tusoni Little League Dudley Rd. (in Long's Complex)
47 Victory I Soccer Auburn St. (off Edgell Rd.)
48 Victory II Soccer Auburn St. (off Edgell Rd.)
49 Walsh 6x6 Soccer Soccer / Football 301 Brook St.
50 Walsh Lower Softball / Soccer 301 Brook St.
51 Walsh Track Track 301 Brook St.
52 Walsh Upper Soccer Soccer 301 Brook St.
53 Walsh Upper Softball Softball 301 Brook St.
55 Winch I Softball / Soccer 115 A St. (Framingham High School)
56 Winch II Softball / Soccer 115 A St.
57 Winch Baseball (Merloni) Baseball 115 A St.
58 Winch Basketball Basketball Court 115 A St.
59 Winch Lower Football / Lacrosse 115 A St.
60 Winch Upper Football / Lacrosse 115 A St.
61 Winch Tennis Tennis Courts 115 A St.

Passive Recreation Areas & Trails
1 Arthur - Morency Woods Arthur - Morency Woods is located at the end of Arthur Street and is a 14.5-acre wooded area that is home to a variety of wildlife. Formal and informal trails lead you through this undisturbed woodland. This area is maintained by the Town Conservation Department.
2 Callahan State Park Callahan State Park is located on Millwood Street and is an 820-acre, day use, area with 7 miles of marked trails. It is maintained by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.
3 Carol Getchell Trail Carol Getchell Trail is located behind Stapleton School on Elm Street. This trail has a beautiful view of the Sudbury River. It is maintained by the town's Conservation Department.
4 Cochituate Brook Reservation Cochituate Brook Reservation is located off Old Connecticut Path and is 27 acres of beautiful wooded trails. These trails connect to the Cochituate State Park Trails and will soon include part of the Cochituate Rail Trail. Public parking is available at Reardon Park on Brownlea Road. The reservation area is maintained by the town's Conservation Department.
5 Cushing Memorial Park Cushing Memorial Park has entrances off of Dudley Road and Winter Street. The park is located on 57 acres, it is the site of a World War II Army Hospital. The park offers walking and passive recreation areas. It also houses Cushing Memorial Chapel, the Academy Building and the Cushing Building. The park is maintained by the town's Parks and Recreation Department.
6 Farm Pond Farm Pond is located on Dudley Road and offers fishing, boat access, and walking trails. It is also the site of the start of the Boston Komen 3-Day Walk. This area is maintained by the Town Parks and Recreation Department.
7 Macomber Macomber is located on Badger Road and is 57 acres of beautiful wooded wetlands. It offers trails and a beautiful view of Barton Brook. This area is maintained by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and the Town Conservation Department.
8 Nobscot Conservation Land Access and parking for the Nobscot Conservation Land is located on Brimstone Lane and is 118 acres of historical sites, wooded areas, trails, wetlands, an abandoned apple orchard, and a famous dam built by Henry Ford. This conservation land is maintained by the Town of Sudbury.
9 Nobscot Scout Reservation The Nobscot Scout Reservation is located on Edgell Road / Nobscot Road on the Framingham / Sudbury town line. Formal reservations, through the Boy Scouts, must be made to access this area. The facility offers over 480 acres of wooded land. Camping, hiking, outdoor education classes, and beautiful scenic views are all offered. The reservation is owned and maintained by the Knox Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America.
10 Weston Aqueduct Walking Trail Weston Aqueduct Walking Trail is a passive trail that has been permitted for use from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority to the Town of Framingham Parks and Recreation Department. It is located between Water Street and Elm Street.
11 Wittenborg Woods Wittenborg Woods is located on Wayside Inn Road and is 83 acres of woods and wetlands. The main trail connects to the Bay Circuit Trail, the Nobscot Conservation Land, and the Sudbury Valley Trustee's Gross Tract. This area is maintained by the Town Conservation Department.

Playgrounds & Locations
# Play ground Location
1 Anna Murphy Cove Street and Lake Avenue
2 Apple Street Playground Bethany Road (off Route 135)
3 Arlington Street Playground Arlington Street and Gordon Street (just outside downtown)
4 Bates Road Off Hollis Street (Near Ashland line)
5 Barbieri School Dudley Road (across from Farm Pond)
6 Brophy School Pleasant Street / Route 30
7 Butterworth Park Grant Street and Bishop Street
8 Charlotte Dunning School Frost Street
9 Danforth Park Danforth Street Furber Fairbanks Road (off Route 30)
10 Hemenway School Water Street
11 Juniper Hill School Upper Jocelyn Avenue
12 King School Water Street
13 Mary Dennison Park Beaver Street
14 Mason Park Maple Street and Franklin Street
15 McCarthy School Flagg Drive
16 Mt. Wayte Chautauqua Avenue
17 Oakvale Burbank Circle (off Hadley Road)
18 Potter Road School Potter Road
19 Reardon Park Brownlea Road (off Old Conn Path)
20 Roosevelt Park Fay and Seminole Avenue
21 Stapleton School Elm Street
22 Temple School Temple Street (between Route 9 and Pleasant Street)
23 Walsh Middle School Brook Street
24 Woodfield Sloane Drive and Gregory Road (off Water Street)
25 Woodrow Wilson School Beaver and Leland Street

Tennis Courts
1 Tennis Court Location Number of Courts
2 Anna Murphy Cove Avenue and Lake Avenue 2
3 Butterworth Bishop Street 4
4 Croci Courts Bowditch Complex - Walnut Street side 4
5 Winch Park A Street next to the high school 6

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