Keefe Tech committee member busted on cocaine charges July 17, 2013
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Alexander (A. J.) Mulvey

Take note he was busted on June 29, 2013 and it was not reported in Framingham until July 17, 2013. Supression of undesirable news?

I wonder whether he will tell the little children below that he was busted, passed out in his car and that he is still their role model. Are the little children giving us the finger? :-)

I see no indication that he was removed from the school committee. This will be future political fodder on preferential treatment.

Alexander J. Mulvey learned about ethics from his mother, Valerie Mulvey, our town clerk.

In addition, the husband of the assistant town clerk, Lisa Ferguson, is the wife of our beloved police chief Ken Ferguson. So our police chief is A-OK with a coke-sniffer on our Keefe-Tech school committee.

Who dared to imply that there may exist the god-awful stench of political corruption in Framingham?

FALMOUTH -- A Keefe Tech School Committee member faces a cocaine possession charge after Falmouth Police say they found him passed out behind the wheel and arrested him late last month.

Falmouth Police arrested Alexander "A.J." Mulvey, 31, of Framingham, on June 29 when they found him unconscious behind the wheel of his Honda Accord around 2 a.m., according to a police report filed in Falmouth District Court.

Mulvey, a member of the Keefe Regional Technical School's School Committee since 2005, did not return phone calls or an email seeking comment on Wednesday.

According to the report, when the Falmouth officer looked into Mulvey's car, he found him slumped over the wheel with the car keys on the passenger seat. Next to Mulvey, in plain view, was a CD case with five lines of a powdery substance believed to be cocaine.

The officer woke up Mulvey, who appeared to be "extremely intoxicated" and asked him what the powder was, the report said.

"What the (expletive) do you think it is?" the report quotes Mulvey as saying. "It's coke. You got me. Not like I can hide it. I don't have any still on my nose, right?"

The report said the amount of suspected cocaine found in the car was about one gram, which had a street value of $50.

The report said that during booking, Mulvey was "sad, but cooperative."

As officers were putting Mulvey into his cell, he said, "(Expletive) Cape Cod coke. It's the first time I've ever passed out after sniffing coke. Cape Cod coke sucks."

Mulvey, of 7 William J. Heights, Framingham, was arraigned on one count of possession of cocaine on July 1 in Falmouth District Court. He pleaded not guilty and was released without bail. He is due back in court on Aug. 2 for a pretrial conference.

Along with being a school committee member, Mulvey is the son of longtime Town Clerk Valerie Mulvey.

According to Alexander Mulvey's LinkedIn page, he coaches youth lacrosse in Brookline, and is a former youth lacrosse coach in Sudbury.

In his profile, Mulvey said, "I try to be a positive role model for the kids on my lacrosse teams."

Keefe Tech School Committee Chairman John Kahn could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.


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I have had two friends who became coke addicts and its single worst attribute is that it destroys your finances. Sure hope he had no access to public funds for his cocaine purchases. It would seem by his statements that he has been using cocaine for a number of years. Addiction to powder kicks in after a number of years.

Lot of credentials on his Linkedin page but still living with his parents according to the last town census file I have.

If he loses his job, it will dramatically affect his life and further aggravate his addiction as he becomes depressed.

If A.J. Mulvey had ethics, he would resign from the Keefe Tech school committee. Unfortunately, the concept of ethics is usually not found in liberal dictionaries.

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