Email written by Mel Warshaw

Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2015 15:56:11 -0500
Subject: Re: Privacy Violations and Libel Comments Against me on
FramGov, Framingham, Mass, USA (Diane King)

I am a strong believer in free speech On the other hand, I have no respect for you or what you espouse and I don't like reading the tedious, repetitive, offensive and discredited garbage you generally spew on your posts.

I am also guessing that your departure from FramGov was hastened by the contempt many of us have for your ad nauseam support of Harold Wolfe - not your support for Harold Wolfe in his trespassing case (where you may actually have a point), but your support for Harold Wolfe, the person.

This guy has the reputation of being the most vicious, vile and disliked person in Framingham. One quick review of his hateful, homophobic, neo-Nazi, mean-spirited website would certainly explain that reputation. You consider yourself his friend and you are familiar with his website. Yet, you have never seen fit to disassociate yourself from any portion of what’s on that website.

First, I'd like to note that Mel talks about my web site. I have many web sites.

Has Mel Warshaw reviewed all 68,000 residents of Framingham to come to the conclusion that, I, Harold J. Wolfe am really the most vicious, vile and disliked person in Framingham. .

Surely, I must have some contenders to that title, some competition somewhere. I'd sure like to know who they are so we can work together.

Somehow, I feel very honored that such a stupid little jew said that about me.

Mel Warshaw is a stupid little old man who still pays homage to a an imaginary creature in the sky who has an army of flying bird people and he has a large subset of these esoteric beliefs . I can presume from his jewish heritage (note jewish beanie) that he had his little weenie sliced and diced in order that his imaginary friend can locate him amongst the great unwashed masses san cullotte. In fact, Mel may have been circumcised by this guy, who may be a great grandson of Noah . Mel Warshaw has lived his life by the morals given to him by a burning bush . Given all this about Mel Warshaw, he thinks other people are mentally ill.

He claims I am homophobic, but check out his imaginary friend (Yahweh) who wants to kill all gays by stoning them. I guess Mel Warshaw really likes gays

I love it when an old man close to death, who has never seen any evidence of his imaginary friend all his life still thinks it's out there somewhere.

Imagine a man of Mel Warshaw's age (78) who probably got a Bachelors Of Art, a Juris Doctorate , allegedly practiced what he calls Constitutional law for his career and he is clueless and stupid to the end.

Moronicus Supremus

He also supports free speech as long as he is speaking. Everybody else's speech is not so free.

NO ONE who actually supports freedom of speech EVER says, "I'm for freedom of speech .... but" or "on the other hand". It's either free speech FOR ALL or it's not free speech AT ALL.


Moronicus Supremus

Framingham attracts all sorts of idiots...there must be something in the water supply, that I am immune to.

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