This page is dedicated to all you pussheads in the public sector who have the audacity to waste my money on a stupid, useless funeral so we can bury your stupid worthless carcass. I will gladly immemorialize you for years to come.

A funeral utilizing the Framingham police, DPW and fire department personnel will also get you your own web page advertising you and your family's stupidity (with pictures, when available).

Hi, I'm Tommy O'Reilly. Look how important I am. I got a police escort and a fire engine in my funeral procession before my dead cancer filled carcass gets buried.

See how I blocked traffic flow on my way to be buried. Aren't I just simply fabulous and marvelous and important and all of you are worthless miscreants. My body was transported from Wayland to St. Bridgetts church and back to Wayland on July 14, 2014.

Once buried, I will occupy a patch of real estate for 200 or so years to once again pronounce to the world how important and marvelous and fabulous I was when I was alive. I was a Framingham firefighter for 27 years before retiring in January 2012. This makes me more important than you.

I also rounded about 50 idiots who were willing to follow my corpse for the 20 mile round trip. There are plenty of idiots in Framingham.

The next thing they will want is a truck in front that spreads rose petals in front of the funeral procession.

People like Tommy O'Reilly are just a pack of mutants who should be pencilled in for a sudden visit from the angel of death. Apparently he was. How very convenient for the taxpayers.

People like Tommy deserved an inoperable tumor at the base of their spine. Morons like Tommy with missing chromosones should have been thrown screaming from a helicopter right after their birth.

Tommy's hobby was golf. It's like watching flies fuck. His carcass should have been sent to the Soylent Green factory.

Funerals are for religious pussies who think their next life will be better.

Retired firefighter loses battle with cancer July 12, 2014
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 Metrowest Daily News
FRAMINGHAM - On what should have been a celebration of his 63rd birthday today, friends and family will have a chance to say goodbye to Thomas "Tommy" O'Reilly.

O'Reilly, a retired Framingham firefighter, died Wednesday at his home after battling cancer.

"In the last few days, the outpouring of love was incredible," said friend and fellow retired firefighter Kevin Kenney. "Everyone had a great story. Every firefighter in town came through the house and paid their respects."

O'Reilly, who grew up in Wayland, was a Framingham firefighter for 27 years before retiring in January 2012.

Kenney said he met O'Reilly at the firefighting academy when they were both recruits in 1986.

"We ended up rooming together," said Kenney. "He had a reputation for snoring and I was kind of thrown in there, and we've been friends since then. We were always together."

Framingham Assistant Fire Chief John Magri said he and O'Reilly had worked closely for years. O'Reilly was the union president before Magri took the post.

"Tommy was an excellent firefighter," said Magri. "He was an excellent firefighter because he was very smart and he took command whenever he went to an emergency call or a fire. He was a leader at all of the stations. He was the person the young firefighters looked up to and tried to emulate."

Outside of work, O'Reilly was a heck of a golfer, both Kenney and Magri said.

"He was known for his competitiveness," said Kenney. "He took every shot seriously."

Magri said, "Tommy never minded taking my money on the golf course. He was a better golfer than I was."

O'Reilly found out that he had cancer in April, Kenney said. Kenney said he was with O'Reilly when the doctor called him and gave him the news.

"He was told it was the worse case scenario," said Kenney. "He took it better than me. He took it right from the beginning, manned up and got the things done that needed to be done."

O'Reilly is survived by his wife, Susan O'Reilly, as well as his children Jason O'Reilly, Jennifer O'Reilly, Patrick O'Reilly and Kelly O'Reilly. Another son, Brian O'Reilly, died in 1992.

"My outside of firefighting memory of him was how good of a family man he was," said Magri. "The O'Reilly family, as a whole, was a very close group of people. Tommy always took care of his family."

Along with firefighting, O'Reilly owned T.J. O'Reilly's Services of Framingham, a demolition company, which Kenney is currently helping to run.

O'Reilly's wake is being held today from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the John C. Bryant Funeral Home, 56 Pemberton Road, Wayland. His Mass of Christian Burial will be held Monday at 10 a.m. at St. Bridget's Church, 830 Worcester Road, Framingham, followed by burial at the Lakeview Cemetery in Wayland.

"There was not one person who would ever say anything bad about Tommy," said Kenney. "He just had a heart of gold. He just helped anyone he could. All of those are clich├ęs, but it really worked for him."

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