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Year General Fund
General Fund
State Reimbursements
Town's Allotment
to Schools
Total Cost
of Schools
2011 $ 211.639 $ 28.543 $ 96.720  
2010 $ 204.293 $ 29.264 $ 95.001  
2009 $ 200.632 $ 32.816 $ 92.780 $ 143.009
2008 $ 189.095 $ 32.637 $ 91.114 $ 138.016
2007 $ 183.520 $ 26.890 $ 86.240  
2006 $ 179.666 $ 25.069 $ 83.400  

Please notice that the General Fund is a monotonically increasing sequence of numbers.

Please notice that the allotment to schools (including Keeefe) by town meeting is also monotonically increasing.

The following is a statement from our town manager Julian Suso in the 2008 Annual Report

As we know, all local and state governments are being profoundly affected by the national economic downturn which we are experiencing. In the last quarter of calendar year 2008, in response to a significant decrease in Town revenues, I initiated a freeze on all hiring for non-esential staff positions within the town and a companion spending freeze on all operating spending which could reasonably be deferred until longer term revenue trends stabilize. It is our responsibility as public servants to operate within available revenues, and to manage Town affairs in a reasonable, cost-effective manner.

What exactly is non-essential staff?
How many had we hired before this alleged freeze was implemented?
Do we ever get rid of non-essential staff?
Or do they linger around like fungus?

These two pages represent the latest school budget and show most of the Full Time Equivalents (FTEs), 1,157.
We have about 8,400 students. The student teacher ratio hovers under 12 to 1.

These two pages represent the 2011 town budget and show the Full Time Equivalents (FTEs), 580.

During her speech on 12/14/2010, our CFO clearly stated that the town and schools had 1,565 FTEs.
I see at least 1,157 + 580 = 1,737.

And this does not include those that are funded by some $18 million in state and federal grants to the
schools. See next diagram. She clearly does not know how many employees the school has. Imagine that!

This page shows the true costs of our schools for 2008 and 2009.
Divide this number by the student head count to get the average cost per student.

This page represents unfunded mandates for the schools.
They left out the biggest by far from the list.
The Plyler V Doe mandate that requires us to educate the children of illegals.

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