On June 22, 2011, Framingham's Chief Financial Officer Mary Ellen Kelley delivered this affidavit to the Division of Health Care Finance & Policy, part of the Health and Human Services organization.

In brief, Framingham has to dump 20-30% of its workforce because health insurance is too costly.

I disagree with Mary Ellen Kelley's conclusion that we will not be able to deliver required services depending on who we dump from our over-extended bureaucracy caused by our sanctuary policy.

  1. Get rid of every single bilingual teacher.
  2. America (and Framingham) has too many teachers .
  3. Dump the Resiliency for Life program, whatever that is.
  4. Double the workload of special education teachers.
  5. Get rid of 50% of Parks and Recreation
  6. Get rid of all police officers who made more money from detail work than they did from their salaries, and then some.
  7. Reorganize the fire department so that they do not have 2 days on and six days off. Overtime won't kill them.

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