Why is the stupid Town of Framingam running a non-sectarian church on its own properties? Because the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen are part of a theocracy . Apparently, the town is still close to god. and has no desire to sever its relationship with large imaginary creatures in the sky somewhere.

The chapel's cross was removed many years ago, but Framingham is still, with due deliberation, mixing church and state. It is not the function of town government to run services that are clearly religious in nature. Now the town wants the taxpayers to fix up the chapel. As a rabid atheist, I am deeply offended by anything religion simply because it is all based on The Big Lie. Nothing

Are the ministers, pastors or priests ordained by a church?

Which church?

Why is access to Cushing Chapel so limited?

Is Cushing Chapel not a public resource like a park might be?.

Are there public documents containing the cost of maintaining the Cushing Chapel and documents that show revenues made by the Cushing Chapel.

Cushing Memorial Chapel: 508-532-5485 [ facilities@framinghamma.gov ]

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