Framingham firefighter/Hopedale resident charged October 29, 2015
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HOPEDALE - A Framingham firefighter, arrested on domestic assault charges Tuesday, was released without bail following his arraignment in Milford District Court Thursday.

Christopher Strom, 50, of 6 Anthony Road, Hopedale, was charged with malicious destruction to a motor vehicle, domestic assault and assault with a dangerous weapon, police said.

According to an affidavit written by Hopedale Police Detective Marco Lima, police went to Strom's home on a call about a domestic disturbance at 3:12 p.m. Tuesday.

Officers were met by two women and a man, the latter a family member, who told police that Strom had smashed the windshield of his Hyundai Tiburon with a paint stick because he was angry about the basement not being cleaned, the affidavit said. Strom, they told police, initially motioned to hit the family member and then instead hit the car.

Strom told Lima the incident began when he called the family member on the phone and told him to come home and clean the basement. Strom said he smashed the car's windshield when he became angry that the family member had talked back to him. Strom also told police he was frustrated about finding tobacco remnants in the basement which he said came from the family member who cored out cigars and stuffed them with marijuana. In a telephone call to News Thursday afternoon, Strom said he was angry because he came home and found the two women and the man smoking marijuana.

When police initially questioned Strom, Lima said he could smell the "odor of burnt marijuana" coming from him.

When asked if he smoked marijuana, Strom said he is a Framingham firefighter and doesn't smoke marijuana. In the report, Lima said he reminded Strom that when he had been arrested in January 2014 on a charge of domestic assault, police found marijuana in his pocket. Lima wrote that in that instance police issued a civil citation to Strom, which he paid.

When told that he was under arrest Tuesday, Strom reached into a pocket and threw a glass marijuana smoking pipe, which shattered on the ground, Lima wrote. During a search, officers found a plastic bag with a small amount of marijuana in Strom's jacket pocket, according to the report.

"I advised (Strom) that he will be issued a town bylaw citation for the marijuana and he replied that he doesn't drink so he 'smokes weed, what is the big deal,'" Lima wrote.

According to Lima's report, Strom said he "saves babies for a living and that he deserves to smoke weed and relax."

Strom and his family, however, allege that the Hopedale Police Department has unfairly targeted them.

"Their only goal is to get me fired from my fire department job," Strom said on the phone after his arraignment. He said the bag of marijuana was in his pocket only because he had found it while cleaning the basement after an argument with the family member.

He also denied that he smokes marijuana.

Strom said he and his attorney will be pursing a civil complaint against the Hopedale Police Department

The Framingham fire union president Joe Fonseca, a lieutenant on the department, declined comment.

Hopedale Police Chief Mark Giovanella could not be reached for comment.

Christopher Strom now has two domestic assault arrests.

And he saves babies and smokes marijuana.
According to Lima's report, Strom said he "saves babies for a living and that he deserves to smoke weed and relax."

In a tribute to Framingham work ethics and the town manager and the Board Of Selectmen, he is still employed.

Framingham firefighter charged with assault January 8, 2014
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HOPEDALE - A Hopedale man, who works as a Framingham firefighter, was arrested Thursday evening following a fight at his Anthony Road home, police said.

Christopher Strom, 48, of 6 Anthony Road, was arrested at 8:55 p.m. after police went to his home on a report of a domestic assault, police said.

When police officers entered the home, they saw the living room and kitchen floor covered in blood, Officer Craig Landry wrote in an affidavit.

Two people, one of whom was Strom, were taken to Milford Regional Medical Center with injuries sustained in the altercation, Landry said. The victim's condition was not released.

According to the report, Strom sustained injuries to his right hand, which Landry said are consistent with a witness report that Strom used a glass as a weapon and "smashed" it on an individual's head.

A witness to the assault also alleged that Strom was throwing knives, the report said.

While at the hospital, Strom admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the evening, Landry said.

After Strom left the examination room, a nurse noticed a clear plastic bag containing a "green, leafy substance," which Landry identified as marijuana, the report said.

Strom was charged with two counts of domestic assault and battery and assault with a dangerous weapon. He also was issued a civil bylaw citation for possessing less than one ounce of marijuana, Landry said.

Strom was released on $540 bail on Friday, but was not arraigned because the courthouse was closed due to the snowstorm.

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