Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

When candidates like Pam Richardson and Wes Ritchie tell you that they will continue the Blumer legacy, be afraid, be very afraid.

Your taxes are about to go up.

Year 2000 2006 Change %
State Revenues (millions) $ 23.9 $ 23.2 -3%
General Fund Expenses (millions) $ 131.6 $ 175.6 +33.4%
School Expenses (millions) $ 58.8 $ 75.5 +28.4%
Average Teacher Salaries $48,979 $56,310 +15.0%
Composite Math/Verbal SAT scores 1035 1050 +1.4%

The main premise of Proposition 2 1/2 is:

The taxpayers shall make the decision about their tax burden

Being a vociferous opponent of Proposition 2 1/2, she told all of us clearly, precisely, and unambiguously that she did not believe that we the voters or taxpayers should have a say on our burden of taxation. How dare this woman be so arrogant and contemptuous of the voters!

Always remember the main premise of Proposition 2 1/2 when a candidate tells you he/she is not fond of it.

  • The 2002 override occurred because Deborah Blumer was a failure at her job.  Being a state representative is a serious position that affects people's lives and well being.  Blumer failed to "bring home the bacon".

  • Deborah Blumer worked tirelessly to destroy the fabric of Framingham's society by embracing it's worst elements in her liberal causes.

    Being a champion of liberal causes, she embraced illegal aliens over citizens of this society.  She embraced the alcoholics, drug addicts and the mentally retarded by doing all she could to help SMOC and the Advocates.  As she carefully wove the tapestry of downtown Framingham's society, she gave us many reasons to avoid downtown.

  • Framingham voted to have the state income tax rolled back to five percent, but Blumer ignored that vote.

  • While liberals would say she was a champion of education, in her six years in service, she never managed to increase state funding for Framingham schools (think 2002 override and this year's $5 million school deficit) or managed to improve academic results.

    What would your average soccer mom think if her husband had the same income for 6 consecutive years.

  • She did kill the voters efforts for english immersion.

  • She did excel at increasing the salaries for the Framingham teachers union who in turn would reelect her.  Other than that, I do not see any discernible or quantifiable effect in education.  SAT scores have been flat.
Her only effect on countless lives was to increase their tax burden and this is how I will, regretably forever remember her. Blumer just viewed taxes as some sort of game to play. She was merely a six year placeholder.

As one town meeting member said, she was a waste of human flesh.

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